How To Collect Different Weapon Types In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

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The recent Fortnite v17.00 update brought to us the first set of weekly quests. Completing these weekly quests are important because they help us progress through the battle pass quicker.

These Fortnite weekly quests are rather very simple and straight forward. For one of these quests, you'll need to collect different types of weapons.


How to collect different weapon types in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7?

This Fortnite weekly quest is somewhat different than the rest. Rather than collecting weapons of different rarity, you need to collect weapons of different classes. What that means is, you need to collect five of the following weapons:

  • A pistol
  • A shotgun
  • An assault rife
  • A heavy assault rifle
  • An SMG
  • A rocket launcher
  • A rail gun
  • A pulse rifle

You collect any five of these weapons and you're done with this quest. However, do keep in mind, if you pick up two different types of shotguns, the quest wont track.

Now, that's a gist of what you need to collect. Let's move on to how do you collect these weapons. Well the answer is simple. You explore the map and you encounter them as floor loot, or loot them from chests that are scattered all over the island.


You just might need a couple of games to complete this mission because there's a chance that you may see only shotguns and assault rifles in one game.

Moreover, you don't necessarily need to hold on to a weapon for long. You could just pick it up and drop it. You don't need to kill with a weapon for this mission to track. All you need to do is pick up the weapon and that's it.

That being said, these Fortnite weekly quests involve a bit of exploration. Although you don't really need to look too hard to complete this mission, you'll definitely be put through your paces, thanks to the other players on the island.