Where To Collect Titanic Artifacts For Tarana And How To Find Tarana

Fortnite's Season 6 features Spire Quests in order to unlock the purple Raz skin - also known as the Raz Glyph Master skin.

One of the many quests on the road to unlocking it requires you to collect Artifacts for Tarana.

Here's where to find Tarana and where the Artifacts are located.

Where To Collect Artifacts For Tarana

First, you'll need to Complete Uncommon Or Rarer Quests

This is straight forward, simply complete any quests that are in your quests tab.

The Uncommon (white) and Common (Green) tasks are usually the easiest to do.

If you've got some weekly challenges to do, why not check out our guides here.

Where Is Tarana In Fortnite?

Where is Tarana in Fortnite? She's located in Boney Burbs!

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She's pretty easy to find as she has a speech bubble indicating her location when you get close enough.

You should be able to find her around the middle building.

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You'll need to activate the next quest by talking to her. Speak to her and select the quest option 'The Spire', which is the first option.

Be wary as it's incredibly busy while everyone is trying to do this task.

Collect Artifacts for Tarana

All three Artifcats are located in Boney Burbs - which is to the south of the Spire.

The first is located behind a tree in the top right corner of the area.

The second is located under a wooden staircase to the bottom right of the area.

The final one is located in the multi-story building, which is located to the west of the area, behind the counter on the bottom floor.

Once done, head back to Tarana, speak to her again and you'll complete the quest while starting a new one!

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