How To Download Fortnite 17.00 Update Faster

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Fortnite is receiving its first update of Chapter 2 Season 7 with 17.00!

This new update will fix a few small bugs, address some needed weapon balancing and add new content.

It's also a great indicator of what's to come in the next phase of the current season.

Here are some tips to speed up your update. 

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How To Download Fortnite Updates Faster

Here are some tips and tricks to ensure your update downloads as fast as possible! 

Close All Games And Applications

The more things you're using on your PC, console, and mobile will slow down your update as these will take up bandwidth. 

Some of these applications may even take priority over your update.

Be sure to close them down and ensure other people in your household aren't using them.

Put Your Console Into Rest Mode

When your console is turned on, it will constantly be using bandwidth to check for new messages, friend requests, and online notifications that get priority over updates.

If you put your console into Rest Mode, turn on automatic downloads, or select ‘Stay Connected to the Internet’, the Fortnite update should download much faster.

Move Your Console Closer To Your WIFI Router Or Use An Ethernet Cable

Sounds like a no brainer? You’d be surprised how many people try to download things onto machines miles away from the router.

Using a wired connection is the best way to increase your download speeds for the Fortnite update.

Ethernet cables use a direct connection to your router to ensure any connection issues stemming from the distance between your console and the router do not affect your internet stability.

If you don’t have an ethernet cable on hand, even just moving your console or setup closer to your WiFi router will help.

Enable Automatic Updates

With the Epic Games launcher follow the following steps to sure your game updates while you are asleep and away from your PC: 

  • Head over to your game libary
  • Click the dots besides Fortnite
  • Enable automatic updates if it disabled

This will ensure your download is started! 

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