Hit Different Opponents With A Harpoon Gun - Where To Find A Harpoon Gun (Season 12 Week 5 Challenge)

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Fortnite's Season 5 Week 12 challenges bring more opportunities for players to grab XP

One of the Epic challenges this week asks players to hit different opponents with a harpoon gun.


Sounds simple enough - but where can you find a Harpoon Gun in Fortnite?

Here's our guide to completing this Season 5 Epic Quest.

How To Find A Harpoon Gun In Fortnite

This rare weapon is always around when you don't need it, but once you need it for a challenge its nowhere to be found!


The Harpoon Gun is available as floor loot, in chests or fishing barrels.

Check out our video below for a better idea of where to find it.

It can be frustrating to find one, so I would suggesting hitting Fishing Barrels until you find one.


Head to Lazy Lake as there are a huge number of these Barrels sitting around the huge lake.

Eventually, you'll find one if you're patient.

Next, you'll need to hit opponents with the Harpoon Gun, which isn't too difficult. However, players are going to be attacking you as you do so.


If you're doing this once the challenge releases, you won't be able to do this in Team Rumble.

So, I recommend jumping into a Squads match and playing as normal.

Down your opponents and then use the Harpoon Gun to hit them; that way you can get this done in one game if you play your cards right.