Where To Find A Family Portrait From A Shipwreck In Fortnite (Week 12 Season 5 Challenge)

Fortnite's Season 5 Week 12 challenges bring more opportunities for players to grab XP.

One of the Epic challenges has players on the hunt to find a family portrait from a shipwreck

A vague but interesting challenge that will have players searching high and low.

Here's our guide to completing this Season 5 Epic Quest.

Find A Family Portrait From A Shipwreck In Fortnite

This challenge requires you to find and interact with a Family Portrait from a Shipwreck.

First, let's find the shipwreck - the Shipwreck is located in Shipwreck Cove.

Shipwreck Cove is located in the bottom right of the map.

Head towards this cove where you'll spot three family portraits in total.

Starting from the left of the cove, the first can be found near a Red and Green boat that's capsized and washed up on shore.

In front of it are two crates and you'll spot the portrait on the floor.

Working our way around, the next can be found following the shore clockwise.

Go past the blue and white boat and this portrait is lying on the shore next to a rock, two crates and a life ring.

Finally, continue to go clockwise around the shore and to the right side of the shore.

This next portrait is located inside of a bath tub - you can't possibly miss it!

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