Fortnite The Spy Within Quests/Challenges: Rewards And Guide To Completing Them Fast

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Fortnite's Winterfest 2020 event is arriving soon!

A new set of challenges are being added with a Spy theme to them.


Update v15.10 has added these challenges to the game early so we can take a look at how to get them done!

Here are the Spy Within Challenges

The Spy Within Challenges

  • Play matches 0/10 (10000XP)
  • Deal damage with Lever Action Rifle 0/100 (10000)
  • (Creative) Play The Spy Within matches 0/5 (Wrap)
  • Complete all The Spy Within quests 0/3 (Skateboard Variant)
  • (Creative) Eliminate players in The Spy Within matches 0/3 (Music Track)
  • (Creative) Complete tasks in The Spy Within matches 0/25 (Glider)

In total there is 20,000XP up for grabs!