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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: All Rift Loctions For XP Xtravaganza 'Use Rifts' Challenge

The XP Xtravaganza has dropped in Fortnite, with a bunch of new challenges for players to complete in Chapter 2 Season 4!

If you’re looking to maximise your level this season before the Chapter 2 Season 5 drops, this will be one of your last few chances.

Check out this guide to find 10 rifts!

Where Can Rifts Be Found In Fortnite?

Rifts appear seemingly randomly, but this isn’t quite true.

In Chapter 2 Season, while their exact location shifts, Rifts actually appear in certain set locations on the map!

Check out this map if you want to find them all quickly.

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You won’t need to visit all of them in one match, so don’t worry if you die after only getting a couple!


Once you land, harvest some materials so that you can reach Rifts that are higher up in the sky with ease.

You’ll also need to make sure to drop quickly as you can, as once used a Rift quickly disappears!

If you want to constantly land in one place for a match or few, the locations north of Doom’s Domain near the Lighthouse often has a good few portals.

This location isn’t super popular so you should be able to grab a few rifts without being shot at or them being stolen from you!

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Fortnite XP Xtravaganza

There are a bunch of other challenges launching this week, each with multiple stages and all can be earned as a squad!

Take this opportunity to jump into Team Rumble or a game with a few friends and try to grab as many challenges as you can!

Do this, you Daily Challenges and the other challenges that arrive over the coming weeks and you should hit Level 100 (or 220) in no time.

This should help fill the time before the Galactus event, which should be really soon now.

Happy rift-hunting!

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