Fortnite Season 4 Week 8 Challenge: How To Drive A Car Or Truck Into A Rift

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For week 8 of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, players have a host of new challenges to complete!

One of them is to drive a car, or truck, into a rift.


These strange blue butterfly-like portals can be found all over the map this season so this one shouldn’t be too tricky.

This guide will show you the best places to find a vehicle and a rift so you can get this challenge done as quickly as possible.

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How To Drive A Truck Into A Rift

As we said, rifts can be found all over, this map highlights some general areas they can spawn.


Heading to one of these locations and hoping to find a vehicle there, or at a local POI, won’t be the worst plan.

Though, there are some chances to fail, as vehicles aren’t always usable.

Much like loot spawns, most vehicles are random, and even then some that do appear might be clamped and are unusable.


Photo via @FNLeaksAndInfo

To avoid this, we suggest you instead head to one of the few certain vehicles spawns.

These are locations where you can find Trask’s Truck or Iron Man’s Whiplash.

The Whiplash is by far the coolest, but Stark Industries is heavily guarded by robots and Iron Man himself.


You’ll also find a lot of players heading here too, though landing here could net you some of the other challenges.

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So instead we recommend Trask’s Truck, located where the arrows are pointing in the map above.

It spawns in a fairly deserted area, off out of the way, and also right next to a few rifts.


Just build a ramp up to one and the truck should drive straight in with ease.

Though be careful not to jump in yourself, after being used the rift disappears.

Hopefully, this should help you complete all the necessary challenges.

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