Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Ali-A Glitches Into Helicarrier Vault

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Fortnite's Chapter 2 Season 4 is live, and Ali-A looks to have solved one of the season's biggest Marvel Mysteries.

The YouTuber was able to glitch inside the secret vault that's found on the game's Helicarrier, the Marvel-inspired spawn island. 

The results are... surprising.

What's In The Helicarrier Vault In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4?

You can check out the video below:

While the glitch itself isn't shown (presumably to prevent it becoming more widely known about and used), it does use a boat of all things.

Essentially, Ali-A somehow gets through an invisible wall using a boat, then builds a ramp to climb onto the Helicarrier.

After all of that work, you're likely assuming there was some big reward, right?

Alas, no - the room inside is empty, aside from Ali-A's Tony Stark character and the boat that he used to access the vault. 


It's a fun little wink from Epic though, as they surely knew that players would test the game's boundaries. 

Will the vault ever be properly populated? And if so, what could be added?

With the amount of secrets hidden within Fortnite, it really could be anything.

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