Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3: Update v13.30 Brings Cars

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Cars have been teased in Fortnite since the start of Chapter 2 Season 3, but they've taken their time getting here!

The Battle Royale game is in vast need of more mobility options, so four types of car entering the fray can only be a good thing.

It looks like v13.30 is going to be the update that drains the last of the water from Midas' flood, and lets players embark in cars and race to a Victory Royale.


Cars Are Coming

Fortnite v13.30 brings cars

Image courtesy of Epic Games

Players have been getting excited for this much-requested feature since Fortnite's battle pass trailer showed characters racing across the battlefield.


Cars have been a part of Battle Royale games for a while now - but players have never been able to drive them.

They currently serve as cover and give players metal if they're in a farming mood. Some trucks hold a golden chest in their flatbed.

However, all of that is about to change.

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When Is The Update?

Fortnite v13.30 brings cars

Update v13.30 is due this week, we expect on Tuesday, July 21st or Wednesday, July 22nd (depending on where you live).


We don't know what else Epic is planning to change in the update, but we'll keep you in the loop with any patch notes or bug fixes that are released.

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More About Cars

Fortnite cars are coming in v13.30

Image courtesy of Epic Games


Cars are split into four classes or sizes. Small, medium, large, and trucks.

The bigger the car, the more HP it has, but the more fuel it uses. Yes, you'll have to refuel your cars to keep them going so be careful if you land too far away from the circle.

You can use speed boosts and undoubtedly utilise hills as ramps to live out your best Fast and Furious fantasies in Fortnite.

We've got a whole detailed breakdown of datamined info about exactly how cars will work over here if you want even more!