Is Fortnite getting an Overwatch inspired payload mode soon?

Fortnite's Chapter 2 Season 3 is on its way, but v12.50 might be bringing a new limited-time mode with it.

Twitter user FortTory has datamined an image of a payload of sorts, along with these details for a mode codenamed "Uranium".

“Switch roles and choose Tech each round to Escort or Stop the payload. Gain Intel at the end of each round. When Escorting, deliver the payload to its destination! When Defending, stop the payload! Run out the clock to win!”

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If that all sounds pretty familiar, that's because it sounds akin to Overwatch's payload mode. You can check out the payload itself below, courtesy of FortTory.

Is this the payload we'll be attacking/defending?
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HYPEX, another Fortnite dataminer, also received an email from Epic regarding "Operation Payload". You can see the email below.

Sounds like Operation Payload could begin soon
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Will Uranium drop as part of the 12.50 update, or is this a tease suggesting its a few weeks away. We'll undoubtedly find out soon as Fortnite continues to grow week on week.

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