Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Maya Skin: BAD News for fans as skin is locked

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is finally here! After the long-awaited four months of the previous season, fans of the multiplayer battle royal could not be more excited to jump into a new Fortnite season! 

This season was one of the most heavily anticipated in quite some time; with Epic Games releasing new teaser images in the leadup to the new season, everyone had something to be excited about.

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One of the unique battle pass skins for this season is Maya, Fortnite's first fully customizable skin. However, it's not exactly what fans were expecting. Let's take a look!

Locked In!

Maya is the first battle pass skin you will unlock in chapter two season two, and at first glance, she is perhaps the simplest battle pass skin we have seen yet. However, this is the whole gimmick behind Maya; as apart of the new battle pass menu players can access a section called the "Upgrade Station".

Here is where you will have the option to customize Maya to the fullest extent; when Epic says you can fully customize here, they really mean it. Over the course of the season players will complete challenges catered to Maya that will unlock: hair, tattoos, shirts, pants, face paint and pretty much every accessory in Fortnite.

One would think that the whole point of unlocking all of these accessories is to determine which combination you like the best; to go back and forth between your favourite combinations over time! This is not the case some Fortnite fans have discovered. 

Although players can test out how different cosmetic items work in the Upgrade Station, they better be careful which outfit they ultimately choose. As some players on Reddit have discovered yesterday; once you select an option for Maya it apparently is a permanent change, meaning Maya's customisation isn't entirely flexible.

This has caused an uproar with players in the Fortnite community; why market this brand new customizable skin with over 3.8 million variants and force your players to be locked in while doing so? The community has been asking Epic Games to revert this change, and hopefully, they do so in the near future, it would be a shame to see the potential of this skin wasted.

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