Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: How To Improve Your Skills And Competitive Advice Ahead Of The New Season

The competitive aspect of Fortnite has without a doubt some of the most formidable players we’ve ever seen in the Esports scene-many of which interact on r/FortniteCompetitive.

These players are fervently chasing their portion of success amongst the world's best and with Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 bringing in a new engine, plenty of advice will be needed to adapt to the new style of gameplay.

A post was made yesterday by Reddit user Tvpped, that has sparked a lot of interest in the community.

The post addresses the type of mindset and approach you need to undertake in order to boost your performance and place better in the Solo Cash Cup.

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How To Place Better In Solo Cash Cups

Tvpped gave some handy advice on how to better your chances in Solo Cash Cups:

  • Play each game out for placement, and make decisions based on the placement point threshold and current situation.
  • Do NOT be afraid to tank storm 1st-2nd zones to put yourself into the dead side of the zone, and overall a better position to get those placement points.
  • Do NOT engage fights on rotation.
  • Before attempting a height take, make sure you're ahead of the zone and have a clear opportunity to avoid tanking health if you do it at the wrong time.
  • Spray back on box fights late game ONLY when ahead of the zone for extra elimination points, don't be the guy box fighting or this can and will happen to you.

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  • Make sure you're on your own layer.
  • Rotate on the edges of the zone in the late game to lessen the number of players that can and will spray at you/engage box fights.
  • Watch cash cup highlight videos while in queues.
  • Queue 5 minutes late, so all the "bots" who died off spawn can queue into the same game as you for an easy first game.
  • To avoid tilting, only play 3 games per hour for the first two hours of the tournament.
  • DO NOT TILT or nothing will go your way and you'll play badly.

The same user also created a follow-up post going into further detail on lifestyle and how it can affect your in-game execution


Improving Your Mentality For Future Tournaments

It’s not all about game time, however, there are plenty of other things to consider when trying to improve on a game.

The health and lifestyle of a player can play a huge factor and the mental health side of the equation can often be neglected.

For any upcoming aspiring competitors, it’s highly important that you understand what it takes to reach your full potential as an individual.

Exercise, improving your mental state and making sure you are not becoming “burnt out” is exceptionally important in preparation for tournament settings (such as the 2020 World Cup).

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Time is not everything when it comes to practise, many of the user replies on the above post indicate that sleep, diet and a healthy balance is of the utmost importance and clearly a large factor for many players. 

The game is about finding your “edge” to set you apart. we should consider all these elements as they can certainly have an unwavering impact on how fast your body will find that edge and adapt.  

There’s practise...then there’s practising perfect practice.

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Written ByHarry Jalbertella@ImOverCharged

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