Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Dirty Docks Guide: Where To Drop, Best Loot Spots, Tips And Tricks

If you're looking for a new landing spot as we head into Chapter 2 Season 6, we've heard that Dirty Docks is lovely at this time of year. Exit the battle bus and head east to find one of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2's hottest locations.

While there could be changes ahead of Season 2, we've perfected Chapter 6's drop spots to bring you a complete guide to every landing spot and POI.

Where are the chests? What weapons will you need? Will it be busy? Whether you're a Fortnite expert or a complete newbie, we've got you covered.

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Best Landing Spots

Okay, you've decided to land in Dirty Docks. A great choice. But, where in Dirty Docks do you land? Well, firstly, avoid spots that look like other teams or players are crowding towards. But, if you're first on the scene, there are a couple of great places to begin.

In Solos, the lone building at the Southernmost tip of Dirty Docks is a great landing spot. It houses four chests, and there are plenty of materials nearby.

Also, you can plan your route of attack into the main compound based on where you hear fights breaking out. Enter the main section by land or sea, and be prepared to scrap.

In a Squad, you'll want to spread out a little. Someone takes the Solos building, and another should take the pylon on the hillside.


This person has access to three crates, but will primarily gather materials from the nearby rocks and provide intel and long-range support on where other teams are landing.

The main warehouse is full of great stuff, but a popular spot, so send your most competent team member here. The final team member needs to react to other teams in the area, and take a smaller building or the cranes as needed.

Dirty Docks will usually be busy, so be prepared for a fight. However, if you win, the spoils are glorious - more on that below.


Loot Locations

There are no fewer than 31 chests in Dirty Docks, most of them located in the areas we suggested you drop in. Check out the graphic above for all the chests. These are clearly the best loot spawns in Dirty Docks, and also the busiest locations.

Some alternatives are the cranes and pylon on the hill, which house three chests respectively as well as offering great viewpoints to check where other people are landing.

Hit cars, boats, and fences for the best materials - all metal, of course, and check out the northern area to find the upgrade bench to improve your weapons.

Finding Cover

There are a couple of great areas of cover in Dirty Docks, especially if heading in from the South as we suggested.

You can skirt the inland wall to stay hidden or swim in the sea to come around the Eastern edge, which will be completely hidden from most players. Be careful of enemies on the cranes for both these routes, as they'll have a full view of you.

If you are on the cranes and enemies are pushing you, dropping into the sea is also a perfect escape route. Coming down from the pylon, however, leaves you very exposed, so use all those materials you collected to build your own cover.


There is also some great cover in the shipping containers, but very little loot and only a couple of chests. Clever players will build to see over the crates, so always look up.

The last great spot is a little walled area on the eastern edge of Dirty Docks, just to the south of the biggest warehouse.

This area is perfect for healing, as you can stand behind the wall, completely out of view, and use the third-person camera to spy on enemies.


Best Weapons

Weapons in Dirty Docks depend on your landing spot. If you're landing on the pylon or cranes, you'll clearly want a sniper rifle of some description.

Assault rifles, especially the Burst Assault Rifle, are great mid-range weapons if you're heading into the fight, but be ready to switch over to a handy shotgun once you're in a building with an enemy.

It goes without saying that these should be your go-to weapons if enemies land in your building, or even if you picked one of the busier areas such as the biggest warehouse.



The Flip Side

It's not all good in Dirty Docks. Keep your eye on the circle, as you will very rarely find yourself inside it. That means you've got a lot of running to do, which can leave you exposed, regardless of the amount of loot you've got.

However, Dirty Docks spawns more chests than any other area in the game, so fill your boots while you're there, beat any other teams, and enjoy your spoils. Good luck on the Victory Royale!

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