Fortnite's Abductors Disabled for the Remainder of Season 7

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As we draw ever closer to the latest Fortnite event, and the start of Chapter 2, Season 8, Epic Games is preparing the game for what is to come.

That means that certain things need to go away before Operation: Sky Fire commences.


Abductors Disabled

As of 5 p.m. EST on September 9, 2021, abductors have been disabled in Fortnite.

While the official tweet from @FortniteBR says they have been disabled for the rest of Chapter 2, Season 7, they are most likely gone for good.


Of course, it is quite possible they will be added to Creative, but then again, they may be too massive for that right now.

Now all fans can do is reminisce about all the good times they have had on top of abductors, or all the times they were brought to the Mothership in search of Legendary loot.

They can also fondly remember all the times abductors were removed from the game due to some kind of bug or another.

Goodbye, dear friends.

Most of us will miss you.

Others will be glad you are gone.