Top 5 Pay To Win Items In Fortnite

The main USP for Fortnite has been the wide variety of skins and cosmetics that the game has to offer. While most of these cosmetics don't offer a cosmetic advantage, some of them actually do.

Whenever such a situation comes up, Epic Games does fix these situations. However, that doesn't happen before there's an outrage within the community. That being said, here are the five pay to win items that we've seen in Fortnite.

5 Fortnite items that were pay to win

#1 Superhero skins

Fortnite introduced the superhero skins back in Chapter 2 Season 4. Thanks to these skins, loopers could control every aspect of their looks with respect to this skin.

However, players quickly discovered that you could get a full black costume. This costume was almost impossible to see in the dark and could easily blend into the shadows.

After a lot of outrage, Epic Games finally stepped in, and disabled the black on black outfit. They even disabled the outfit in the game for a brief period of time as well.

Although people still use these skins, you won't see a full black superhero outfit anymore.

#2 Plastic Patroller and Toy Trooper

These two were pretty good skins in Fortnite. However, their color scheme is something that made them pay to win.

As a child, you may have had these plastic army miniatures. Those miniatures were completely green in color. These skins mimicked those miniatures to the letter.

The problem, the green color of the skin blended in with the grassy parts of the map completely. The blend was so good that a looper with the skin could be hiding in a bush right in front of you, and you wouldn't be able to notice.

Epic Games went to great lengths in order to fix this skin. They introduced mud smears and and a brighter outline to these skins. They also activated refund tokens for anyone who wanted a refund for their purchase.

#3 Elite Agent

The Elite Agent Fortnite skin is another completely black on black Fortnite skin. You couldn't customize the skin at all. It was a standard black look overall.

Similar to the superhero skins, you could blend in easily with the dark. This did provide everyone with an in game advantage.

Although it's been a while since the skin has been spotted in the Fortnite item shop, I wouldn't want to go up against it.

#4 Dragacorn Glider

This is probably the first glider on this list. It's very odd to see a glider on such a list but then it is here anyway.

Anyone who used this glider would be warped into a weird contortion. That isn't such a bad thing right? It isn't but not for other loopers.

Since the one using the glider was warped into all different contortions, they couldn't be shot out of the sky. Epic Games did disable this item in the Fortnite competitive mode but it still exists in the casual playlist.

#5 Riot Control Baton

Moving on to the pickaxes, we've got the Riot Control Baton. This existed during the Dragacorn glider controversy.

Anyone who used this pickaxe had their footsteps muffled in the game. While that isn't big of a deal, it allowed the user to get the jump on anyone.

Think of it as a walking talking ambush station. Epic Games removed this pickaxe from the game completely.

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