Fortnite Adds Yet Another Pay To Win Pickaxe To The Game

Over the years, we've seen a lot of pay to win items in Fortnite. Yes, these items have existed and Epic Games has taken appropriate action whenever such items were spotted.

That, however, hasn't stopped the developers from adding pay to win items to the game. In fact, one of the recent pickaxes that they added to the game was a pay to win item.

Everything we know about the Orbital Abductor pickaxe in Fortnite

Speak of the Orbital Abductor pickaxe in Fortnite, it looks like just another pickaxe. It doesn't have any fancy additions. All it has is a celestial body in the centre that's surrounded by a few rings.

You swing it, and you can farm materials. If you hit someone, you damage them for about 20 HP. That's like a regular pickaxe. This pickaxe, however, is secretly reactive.

It reacts to music. How does it react? Well the rings that we've mentioned earlier, those rings spike up in the presence of sound. The louder the sound, the higher the spike.

This detail should be insignificant but it's not. These rings pick up the quietest of footsteps and they give you a heads up about enemies in the vicinity.

Pretty cool right? Yeah it is, but it's not fair. Since you need to purchase this item from the Fortnite item shop, it takes the "fair play" aspect and tosses it out of the window.

Thus, to be fair with everyone, Epic Games decided to disable the pickaxe in competitive playlist. Although you'll still be able to use it in the casual playlist, it still isn't fair to the players.

Usually, Epic Games fixes these aspects when they spot something like this. But it looks like they'll let the pickaxe run its due course in the game.

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