5 Features In Fortnite That Were Inspired From Other Games

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Fortnite may be one of the most popular battle royales out there in the market today, however it definitely wasn't the first one.

Although Player Unknown's BattleGrounds gets the credit for being the first battle royale, it isn't either. The first battle royale game to be released was H1Z1. That game, didn't click quite well.


Anyway, in the gaming industry, you'll find a lot of elements in a game that are inspired from other games. In the gaming industry, it doesn't matter who did it first. What matters is who did it better!

That being said, here are the five different elements in Fortnite which were inspired from other games.

5 elements in Fortnite inspired from other games

#1 Building

Building in Fortnite is something that makes the game very unique, and difficult at the same time. However, Fortnite wasn't the first game to bring about the concept of building.


Minecraft was the first one to talk about the building mechanic. Fortnite just took a leaf from their book and incorporated the building element. However, given how complicated building in Minecraft is, Fortnite tweaked it in their own way and incorporated it in the game.

#2 Reboot Cards/Vans

Fortnite wasn't the one to bring in Reboot Cards/Vans either. Apex Legends did it first. Truth be told, the feature is quite appealing as well.

If you've been able to collect a reboot card and if you can bring your team mate back into the game, you've bagged yourself another shot at winning the round.

That being said, the feature somehow felt right at home with the Fortnite crowd, and it doesn't feel borrowed at all.


#3 Season 6 design

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 wasn't the best of seasons. The design however, was reminiscent of another game.

During the beginning of the Season, the community spotted that the design of Season 6 resembled that of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. Many loopers thought that there would be a collaboration between the two games, but sadly that didn't happen.

Either way, the BOTW collaboration wouldn't have been able to save a season that had a terrible storyline.

#4 The Spy Within LTM

No points for guessing that Among Us inspired this unique LTM. Although Among Us was pretty popular, this LTM wasn't.


There were challenges associated with this LTM. However, luck was heavily involved while being assigned roles in this LTM. This prevented many loopers from completing their challenges.

Among Us is dying a slow death currently. However, The Spy Within LTM in Fortnite was unable to generate much hype and vanished into obscurity soon enough.

#5 The Recycler

If you've played Fortnite during the last season, you'll remember that a weapon called the Recycler existed. I wasn't a fan of this weapon per se, but since I can't build properly, my materials used to go to waste.

The Recycler made sure that I wasn't wasting my materials. The funny part is, the Recycler isn't a Fortnite original.


There's a game called Creative Destruction. I wouldn't be lying if I said it were a Fortnite rip off but I'm going to be nice and say that it's inspired from Fortnite.

The Recycler is a weapon that you'll come across in Creative Destruction. Fortnite happily took the weapon and made it their own. It's a fair trade if you ask me.

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