Fortnite: Doom Slayer And More Microsoft/Bethesda Characters Rumoured To Be Coming Soon

Fortnite has no shortage of characters from all forms of film, TV, comics, and video games, however, rumors suggest plenty more Microsoft and Bethesda characters will be arriving soon. It's equally possible that the Doom Slayer could be making his way to the Battle Royale

According to the recent XboxEra podcast, Nick 'Shpeshal' Baker suggested that he's heard that Microsoft and Epic Games are working together to push content (characters) for Fortnite. Apparently, known characters such as Doom Eternal's Doom Slayer. Baker didn't go into detail about the characters and didn't know which season will they be added in.

More Microsoft/Bethesda Characters Coming To Fortnite, Rumors Suggest

Earlier this month Gears of War's Marcus Fenix and Kate Diaz were added to the game as part of the latest season, and that could prove to be the first step towards adding more famous Xbox/Bethesda characters to the game.

Microsoft and Bethesda Softworks certainly have a lot of iconic characters which could be added as new Fortnite skins. Doom Slayer, Master Chief, and Fallout's lead characters are just a few possibilities, but there are many more who could also feature given both companies' extensive back catalogs.

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