Warzone Is Now More Popular Than Fortnite, Survey Reports

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Warzone is now more popular than Fortnite, according to a survey of almost 10,000 teens conducted by Yahoo.

The survey, dubbed "Taking Stock with Teens" polled 9,800 teens and noted that while Epic's game is still popular, Warzone's popularity was on the rise.


You can read the results here.

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Warzone Is Now More Popular Than Fortnite

While back in Spring 2019, 53% of teens were playing Fortnite, that number has fallen now to 37%.


In fact, when Call of Duty Warzone launched, the number playing rose to 62% - an increase of 33%.

Much of that can likely be attributed to Warzone's free-to-play nature making it more accessible than previous Call of Duty titles.

42% of the teens polled were more interested in buying Black Ops Cold War than they were about any other title, including long-awaited RPG Cyberpunk 2077.

Between Warzone's tight gameplay, the brand-recognition behind Call of Duty, and a pandemic keeping players indoors, it's perhaps no surprise that Warzone continues to increase in popularity.


While Fortnite's current Marvel crossover is excellent, we wonder if the more cartoonish aesthetic makes it less appealing for teens than the more realistic Warzone.

The survey also revealed some insights into next-gen consoles, with 63% of teens planning to buy an Xbox Series X or PS5 within the next two years, increasing 2% from a prior survey earlier this year.

Teens are also edging towards more digital purchases, with 67% planning to buy games via downloads and 26% planning to go all digital.

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