Best Fortnite Creative Maps To Try on National Live Creative Day

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Credit: Image via Epic Games

September 14th has been regarded as the National Live Creative Day to encourage people with an initiative to live the best and most creative version of their lives. This initiative was started by the Creative Promotional Products company who later went on to start the Live Creative initiative.

In order to celebrate the National Live Creative Day 2021, we have taken it upon ourselves to help gamers enjoy the creative aspects of their favorite games. This story features some of the best and most iconic maps ever designed for Fortnite Creative by the community itself.


Let's dive in and check out the maps that should be cherished on National Live Creative Day 2021 in Fortnite.

Best Creative Maps in Fortnite

Best Fortnite Creative Maps Codes
Prison Breakout6531-4403-0726
Loki's The TVA Headquarters Hide-and-Seek7578-6801-8619
Call of Duty's Shoot House1794-5642-2805
Fortnite Basketball3613-5135-9180
Counter-Strike Dust 29908-4675-7557

Keep reading for more info on each of these maps from our list, plus a YouTube link so you can check out some gameplay.

#5. Prison Breakout

Created by veteran Fortnite Creative map maker Echo, Prison Breakout is one of the most fun and popular game modes. Prison Breakout receives regular updates and changes to prevent the LTM from becoming monotonous for the players while also providing a fresh perspective. Additionally, the map is extremely well-designed, allowing players to get a genuine experience of breaking out from prison in Fortnite.

The code required to join Prison Breakout in Fortnite Creative is,

  • 6531-4403-0726

#4. Loki's The TVA Headquarters Hide-and-Seek

Designed after Marvel's popular Loki series, this map presents an identical setup of the Time Variance Authority's gigantic and easy-to-get-lost-in headquarters. Considering the design of the map as well as the oppressive chambers, this map is an ideal fit for a round of Hide-and-Seek. Apart from admiring the magnificent architecture, it is safe to say that players will have a lot of fun in this specific Fortnite Creative map with their friends.

The code required to join Loki's The TVA Headquarters Hide-and-Seek in Fortnite Creative is,

  • 7578-6801-8619

#3. Call of Duty's Shoot House

The iconic Shoot House map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has made its way into Fortnite Creative. Initially released in 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, Shoot House is a multiplayer map that was later introduced on Call of Duty: Mobile as well. This creative map in Fortnite features a Search and Destroy setting along with an identical map layout of the original from the COD franchise.


The code required to join this map in Fortnite is,

  • 1794-5642-2805

#2. Fortnite Basketball

Although not exactly with a ball, Fortnite Basketball is one of the first games in the Creative mode that provides a similar experience. Instead of Basketball, players are equipped with an orange fish that they need to throw in the appropriate basket. The goofy setting with an authentic experience of Basketball in Fortnite makes this game mode a must-try for everyone.

The code required to join the Fortnite Basketball map in the Creative mode is,

  • 3613-5135-9180

#1. Counter-Strike Dust 2 Map

One of the most iconic maps in the history of shooter games, Dust 2, also known as d_2, has made its way into Fortnite Creative. Counter-Strike Dust 2 features an exact lookalike of the beloved map from the Counter-Strike franchise. Needless to say, a Counter-Strike map with Fortnite's animations is definitely something that many players are yet to witness.

The code required to join this map in Fortnite Creative is,

  • 9908-4675-7557

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