Fortnite 19.10 Update Patch Notes: New POIs, Cosmetics, Tilted Towers and More

The Fortnite 19.10 update is probably one of the most anticipated updates in all of Fortnite history.

A lot of changes are scheduled to come to the game along with the return of the infamous Tilted Towers. Here's everything that has come to the game after the Fortnite 19.10 update.

Fortnite 19.10 Update Release Date

The Fortnite 19.10 update is all set to go live on January 18th. Downtime begins at 4AM ET.

The Fortnite server downtime has already begun. And since there is some interesting content coming to the game, it could last a bit longer than usual.

Update Size

The Fortnite update sizes vary from platform to platform. And for some reason, they tend to vary between devices as well. That being said, here are sizes of the Fortnite 17.40 update on different devices.

  • PS5 : 3.5 GB
  • PS4 : 3.4 GB
  • Xbox Series x : 4.3GB
  • Xbox one 4.6 GB
  • Nintendo Switch : 2.1 GB
  • PC : 2.70 GB

Fortnite 19.10 update patch notes

New Collaboration

A new collaboration with Tones & I is on the cards. A new hotfixed string indicates the same. The nature of the collaboration is still unknown.

Given that Tones & I was behind the song Dance Monkey, an emote of the same could be inbound.

New Cosmetics

The much awaited Vi skin is finally here. She comes alongside an entire set of loading screens, pickaxe, glider and a back bling.

Apart from that, some new cosmetics are also on the cards after the Fortnite update today.

New Wildlife

Buttercake also known as a Klombo is finally a part of the Fortnite island. We're not sure if the Klombo will be live right after the update goes live.

In case it doesn't go live right after the update, expect it to be enabled in the game as a part of a hotfix.

New Consumables

There are a couple of new consumables that we'll be seeing after the Fortnite update today. The first one is a pizza item. Based on what is written on the box, the pizza could probably restore health.

The other one is known as a Klomberry. We're still not sure what this does but then again, it could be used to tame a Klombo.

New Challenges

There is a new Challenge series known as the Soundwave Series that as been introduced with the Fortnite update today.

In all probability, this series is associated with the Tones & I collaboration.

Map Changes

The Fortnite map after the update today is completely devoid of snow.

There are a lot of unnamed POIs as well that have been added to the files. We're not sure if they're live yet, but they will go live sometime over the duration of this season.

The Cattus landmark will be known as "The Devoured" in game.


There's a new NPC on the cards. This NPC probably isn't in the game yet. It's scheduled to be a boss and is being dubbed as "Thunder Meow".

Upcoming Mechanic

According to data miners, Epic Games is working on something known as a Tactical Sprint. Your camera will vibrate the moment you engage a slide.

New Lobby and Loading Screens

A Tilted Towers themed lobby screen has surfaced, further indicating that Tilted Towers is coming to the game.

Not only that, there are a few other loading screens featuring the Klombo, that are coming to the game after the Fortnite update today.

Upcoming Feature

There's a new feature known as the media tab that will be coming to Fortnite shortly. This feature is still in the works and could go live anytime over the duration of Fortnite Chapter 3.

New Weapons

The Grenade Launcher has been unvaulted after the Fortnite update today. It can be found as regular loot drops in the game.

Weapon Changes

Some weapons have undergone some much needed changes after the Fortnite update today. In theory, these changes look good. However, how it plays out practically, still needs to be seen.

The heavy shotgun now shoots one slug per round only. Not only that, there are more weapons that are in the works as well.

That's all we have for the Fortnite 19.10 update for now. For more information on the update, do check out the official Fortnite blog here!

See you in two weeks!

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