Football Manager 2020: Release Date, Announce Trailer, Pre-Order Discount, New Features And More Information On FM20

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Football Manager 2020 has been given a concrete release date after the latest announce trailer dropped, alongside information about the pre-order discount, new features and more. The FM20 trailer, built completely from social media posts, informs players to "make their opinion count" as well as "create the future". A lot of speculation as to what this could mean lingers in the thoughts of all Football Manager 2020 fans, particularly as FM20 is already about the opinion of the player - who to buy, sell and use in their squad.

FM20 Mobile and FM20 Touch were also mentioned in the most recent announcement.

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When Will Football Manager 2020 Release?

We are still waiting for a full date for its release, but Football Manager 2020 has been confirmed to be releasing in early November. In our most recent article about Football Manager 2020, we explored the likely release date to be the 1st November or the 8th November (based on previous release patterns) - it appears this is correct.

Pre-Order Discount

As it stands, the game is available to pre-purchase only on the official Football Manager website as a physical copy. By purchasing it here, anytime before the full release, you can get a 10% discount. It also clarifies that this offer will extend to any participating retailers.

You can also pre-order a copy of FM20 Touch here.

New Features

In a brief description provided on the Football Manger website, the game is said to have:

"New features and polished game mechanics adding fresh and authentic dimensions, empowering managers to take greater accountability for both their own and their team’s destiny. How you get to the top is up to you… you’ll own your decisions, and the consequences they bring."

Nothing here is out of the ordinary as that is the purpose of Football Manager, to empower the player with decisions that can impact the team. However, it does give us hope about what is to come and how these new features will fair in the new game. Perhaps based on the messaging used in the promo that opinionated features, such as conferences and interviews, will now play a much larger role in the game.

When Can We Expect To Hear About New Features?

New features and upgrades will debut towards the end of October, which is likely to be just before the beta launches - which we also covered in a recent article.

FM20 Mobile And FM20 Touch

FM 20 Mobile and Touch will also be ready for action in November with all games making their debut together.

Google Stadia And Football Manager 2020

Players can instantly enjoy FM20 in 4K on their laptop and desktop with no waiting for downloads thanks to Google Stadia - players can receive FM20 with the Founder's Edition.

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