Football Manager 2020: Confirmed Features And Changes In FM20 - Development Centre, Playing Time Pathway, Backroom Improvements, Graphics Upgrade And More

Football Manager 2020 is really starting to put the wheels in motion, after a very quiet front throughout the year, more information has been revealed about the key features and changes to this year's game. FM20 is set to be the most advanced version of the football management simulation game to date. There will no doubt be a host of exciting FM20 teams to manage and free agents to sign for your squad.

There were 4 key features that Football Manager 2020 recently announced they are focusing on: The development centre, playing time pathway, backroom improvements and graphic improvements.

There are also other features that have been recently announced such as: Code of Conduct, New End Of Season Talking Points, Updated Responsibilities Screen, Improved Unemployed Experience, Team Meeting Advice.

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Development Centre

One of the most exciting aspects of FM20 is developing your youth prospects, bringing them through the ranks and turning them into superstars. This is something that Football Manager 2020 is really focusing on.

The development centre now sits in the sidebar, replacing tabs for youth, reserve and development squads, to allow you to easily track the progress of players.

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In the development centre your staff will tell you who they think can break through into the starting team, players that are progressing well and those that need extra attention. The best feature of this is that you can easily track the progression of players on loan and how your investment, facilities and youth policies impact those players.

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Now you can see more detailed information on how your loanees are doing (how many minutes they're getting, who's struggling and needs to be recalled).

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One day all managers look forward to in particular is the 'New Youth Intake day' or better known to many as 'Regen day'. You can now see who will be joining you well in advance, so you can adjust accordingly.

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The development centre is a huge upgrade in getting the full potential from your prospects. Your staff is even more important this year and it's crucial you utilise this new feature. You can read more about it here.

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Playing Time Pathway

Player development is a key focus for Football Manager 2020, they're now giving you more options for players to make their way into your team. There's now the ability to plan long-term and set individual paths for players.

When negotiating a player's contract you can select up to 12 options for a player's playing time. This means that both you and the player know where you stand regarding their role and playing time - this will resolve any potential issues that may arise in the future.

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Goalkeepers also have their own tailored playing time options. A young goalkeeper can go from Emergency Backup to Cup Goalkeeper to First Choice across the length of a contract.

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You can really map out your squad's future and the dynamics of the squad. This should positively impact your dressing room atmosphere and avoid unnecessary bust-ups. You can read more about it here.

Backroom Staff

The backroom staff will be more important than ever in FM20, a big reason for this is the way that advice is offered to you.

As part of your pre-match news flow, you'll receive your backroom staff's advice on who to pick in the matchday squad (this advice takes into account form, role suitability, individual ability etc).

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From here you can choose to accept or ignore their advice - you can even mix and match which advice to accept.

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Another new addition to FM20 is the ability to select a square on the tactics pitch, which will give you more detailed analysis on what factors are influencing your strength, in that area of the pitch.

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Responsibilities management has also changed and is now more readily available in the menus.

There are also new staff roles such as the 'Technical Director', a role with the ability to offer backroom advice from the very top judging staff ability and staff potential, and 'Head of Player Development', they will recommend the players they think would benefit from a loan spell and where he believes they should go while providing loan reports to the manager to easily track those players’ progress. You can read more about this here.

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Graphics Improvements

Not many will be fussed about the graphics of Football Manager 2020, its a predominantly text based game and its low graphic quality is what makes it so easily accessibly on many devices. However, the graphics are getting some TLC to improve the experience for those that are interested.

Player models have been given a significant upgrade to look more lifelike and realistic. Including the manager avatars and even the crowd itself.


The pitches have been given a revamp and now can be seen in a more obvious manner when weather is playing a factor. An example is that when it's sunny, the pitch will appear dried out and lighter in colour. In wet conditions water and mud particles will fly off the surface and when players make slide tackles, they will leave a trail behind where they've connected with the turf.

There's also been a big improvement in the image-based lighting. You can read more about this here.

Code Of Conduct

Your captain will now suggest a code of conduct when you join a new club. A list of fines for different offences that you get the chance to personalise.

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New End Of Season Talking Points

You can now find additional talking points for end of season meetings between you and your players, Giving you more flexibility and clearer communication.

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Updated Responsibilities Screen

The responsibilities screen has been re-designed, as part of this you can now ask your assistant to deliver touchline instructions during matches.

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Improved Unemployed Experience

There's more info on available jobs, increased press opportunities and weekly job updates.

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Team Meeting Advice

In team meetings, you'll now receive advice from your backroom staff as to the best option to select.

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