Flagle Flag - What's the Flagle Answer Today?

The Flagle game in action.

The Flagle game in action.
June 16, 2022: We added today's Flagle Flag answer as promised.

Not feeling confident in your ability to guess the Flagle flag today from a single green square? If you don't want to risk your streak or get the Flagle answer in anything more than a single guess, you'll want to consult our little list below. We're updating it every single day with the latest Flagle puzzle, so you never need to risk a botched run.

Flagle isn't the newest game to take the Joshua Wardle puzzle approach, but it is one of the most popular right now. Rather than guess a word, place, or movie, you're to guess a country's flag that's been broken up into segments. The few squares you need to see to guess the Flagle flag answer, the smarter you'll look to your peers.

Need a few more Wordle-likes to add to your daily routine? Our games like Wordle list can help there. For specifics, check out our Heardle song guide, our Framed answer list, or even our Who Are Ya player page if you're looking for music, cinema, or sporty takes on the genre.

What's the Flagle Answer Today?

The Flagle answer for June 16, 2022 is Malawi. Did you get it?

Flagle Answer of The Day, which is North Korea
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Flagle Answer of the Day

How Do I Play Flagle?

The proper and original Flagle is the first search that comes up on Google, so you will have no problem finding it.

That being said, there are alternative Flagle websites with flashier graphics just beneath it, which can cause some confusion. But if you want to original experience everyone else is sharing to social media, you'll want to click onto the Flagle.io website linked here.

Can I Play Past Flagle days? - Flagle Archive

Unfortunately, due to Flagle still being a small but rising game, there is no information on whether or not there is a database to play previous Flagle days.

There's no Flagle archive that's easily accessible right now, and any other alternative requires complex settings tweaks that most won't feel comfortable doing. You'll just have to make do with the typical 24-hour wait for now, or try some of the Flagle alternatives Google suggests when you search it.

That's all there is for Flagle at the moment, but this guide will be updated should anything change about being able to play past Flagle days, or even if the playstyle changes. Of course, the new Flagle answers will be added every single day, so if you ever need them, you'll find them here.

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