Final Fantasy Souls-like Reportedly Called Final Fantasy Origins - Update

UPDATE: Fanbyte's sources have corroborated the rumour, suggesting the game will be called Final Fantasy Origin.

According to Fanbyte, Square Enix's E3 show has leaked, at least in part, and fans can expect an alpha demo this summer and will play similarly to Nioh.

Original Story Follows:

Earlier this week we reported that Square Enix has another Final Fantasy game in the works which will be exclusive to PS5.

Well now, we might have our first details about that experience in that is a souls-like game developed by Team Ninja.

This new rumour comes from YouTube channel Souls Hunt who according to the auto-translate captions on the video says that it is a genre the franchise hasn't explored before.

That new franchise is the souls-like genre, that Team Ninja have some experience with, developing both Nioh games. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is used as a comparison to help describe what kind of gameplay experience this new title will have.

The game will also get revealed at E3 2021, which was what was hinted at earlier this week. The best news though is that a demo will reportedly launch on the PlayStation Store this Summer so Square Enix can receive feedback on the title.

This all sounds incredibly exciting, but, as usual, you should take this rumour with some caution. It doesn't look like Souls Hunt has any track record of leaking information before, so until E3 arrives don't hold out hopes.

However, the souls-like genre is a good fit for FInal Fantasy and it makes sense that Square Enix is looking to expand the reach of the franchise, especially as we have a battle royale game on the way to mobile as well.

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