Rumours Suggest Another PS5 Exclusive Final Fantasy Game Is Being Revealed At E3

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Ah, E3. We missed this cycle last year, where rumours spread left and right about potential reveals in the weeks running up to it, but we've got another one here. With news that Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will remain PS5 exclusive for six months, one leaker has claimed Square Enix is planning another exclusive.

This report comes from Navtra, a known leaker that correctly predicted the line-up for Sony's PS5 reveal showcase last June alongside Final Fantasy XVI's (timed) exclusivity. Now, they're claiming that Square Enix is planning another Final Fantasy announcement outside of Intergrade, XVI, and XIV's Endwalker expansion.


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Rumours Suggest Another PS5 Exclusive Final Fantasy Game Is Being Revealed At E3

As posted on Resetera, Navtra stated across two separate posts:

I believe you can expect at least one more major FF announcement in addition to updates on the currently announced stuff (XVI/Endwalker/VIIR). It should be a good E3 season for Square overall.
I don't know their exact E3 schedule, but I'm guessing based on knowledge of what games they have in development, how far in they are, and their target release dates. So take it with a grain of salt. I believe we're getting two major SE reveals this June: A PS5 exclusive FF title, and a cross-gen Eidos title.

While Square Enix has actively embraced Xbox, notably releasing Dragon Quest Builders 2, Final Fantasy X/X-2 and Octopath Traveller on Game Pass, Sony's arranged numerous exclusivity deals before. Alongside Intergrade, Forspoken is a confirmed PS5 console exclusive too, so we wouldn't rule out further deals.