Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series Could Launch On Other Platforms

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During Square Enix's E3 2021 presentation last month, we got news they'd be launching remastered versions of the first six Final Fantasy games, offering new graphical enhancements on PC and Mobile. With I, II and III all releasing on July 28, 2021, Square Enix offered fans a few new details.

Speaking within a new Japanese Q&A session, Square Enix finally addressed a potential console release. Though it's far from a guarantee that Pixel Remaster will arrive elsewhere, they confirmed that if there's enough demand for it, it'll come to other platforms.


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Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series Could Launch On Other Platforms

During this interview, Square Enix also outlined other changes. They've made adjustments to each game's balance, that Pixel Remaster's rearranged soundtrack comes from series veteran Nobuo Uematsu, it'll use reproduced sound effects and Kazuko Shibuya created all the new character sprites.

That's not all we learned, either. Players can expect full keyboard and controller support on PC, an improved Monster Book that allows players to mark monsters locations on their map, alongside a new gallery feature. That sounds like quite an extensive project, and we'll keep you informed when we learn more.