Final Fantasy 14 Undergoes Server Maintenance To Address Issues

Final Fantasy 14 is currently on maintenance to fix various server issues which is roughly estimated to last for eight hours.

As seen on Twitter, Final Fantasy 14's servers were shut down around 3AM BST today to address server issues. 14's had significant traffic these last few months, and that's set to build even further when Square Enix release the Endwalker expansion.

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Final Fantasy 14 Undergoes Maintenance For 8 Hours To Address Server Issues

A Final Fantasy 14 representative said:

“We will be conducting maintenance on the infrastructure as well as implementing measures to address heavy server stress loads based on the result from the public server stress test we have held the other day, and from the access results to the North American and European data centers.”

14's servers are expected to go live once again at 11am BST today, providing maintenance runs smoothly. The MMO's Lodestone site and companion app have also undergone maintenance, but those finished around 8AM.

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