Final Fantasy XIV Players Pay Tribute To Berserk's Creator Kentaro Miura

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We've witnessed a great loss today in manga circles. Announced by his publishers Hakusensha, manga artist Kentaro Miura passed away at the age of 54, due to an aortic dissection. Though he passed away two weeks ago, news was released today after his family held a private funeral.

While best known for long-running series Berserk, Miura never directly worked on games, though his work left a significant impact on dark fantasy. Influencing games like Dark Souls and Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy XIV are now paying their respects online.

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Final Fantasy XIV Players Pay Tribute To Berserk's Creator Kentaro Miura

As part of this, players using the Dark Knight class in Final Fantasy XIV are holding a vigil to honour Miura, utilising a design which is notably inspired by Berserk. They've formed a line in Ul'dah - XIV's starting city - and it's now reached other areas like Limsa Lominsa, occuring between multiple servers.

For the unfamiliar, Berserk revolves around two mercenaries, Guts and Griffith, taking place in a medieval setting inspired by Europe. Having started in 1989, Berserk's seen 40 volumes that have sold over 50 million copies, alongside seen numerous adaptations. With Miura's untimely death, the series' future remains unclear.

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