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Final Fantasy VII Remake is a treat, not just to newer fans who have a more accessible way to play this beloved game but also to older players who played the PlayStation classic back in the day.

There are a ton of references to the original game and extended world-building that makes Midgar a much more interesting place, so the fact that Final Fantasy VII Remake managed to achieve all this without adding all of the original title is great.

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Find All The Music CDs in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

One of those nostalgic bits Final Fantasy VII Remake managed to do really well were all the musical remixes of classic songs from the classic game.

Most of the music is great stuff but players will need to find all the Final Fantasy VII Remake Music CDs if they want to listen to them all.

Without further ado, here are all the locations for the Final Fantasy VII Remake Music CDs.

Music Disc 1 - Tifa's Theme (03)

Location: Seventh Heaven / Tifa's Bar

This music disc is near impossible to miss. Once you gain access to Tifa's bar, Seventh Heaven, in Chapter 3, you'll be able to grab Tifa's Theme from the jukebox in the right-hand corner of the bar.

Music Disc 2 - Hip Hop De Chocobo (27)

Location: Sector 7 Slums Residential Area

Before entering Seventh Heaven, there's a passageway to the right that you can. Follow it until you hear those soothing, jazzy tunes of Hip Hop De Chocobo. You'll see a man standing next to a radio, talk to him to receive this tune for yourself.

Music Disc 3 - The Prelude (01)

Location: Sector 7 Slums Item Shop

Follow the main quest and you and Tifa will eventually come to the item shop. After a few moments of beating your chest at one another for Tifa's affection, you'll eventually be able to talk to the man and buy 'The Prelude' from his store.

Music Disc 4 - Barret's Theme (04)

Location: Sector 7 Undercity Station Item Shop

Once you've unlocked the Side Quest section of Chapter 3, you'll be able to head back towards the Undercity Train Station in Sector 7. Once you get there, you should be able to hear Barret's Theme blaring in the background.

Music Disc 5 - Stamp (28)

Location: Corkscrew Tunnel Section E

Once you've defeated a few nasty enemies in Section E, you should see a few narrow corridors heading off in different directions. Check the one that leads you to a small box room, and you'll hear the rather catchy Stamp theme tune.

Music Disc 6 - Electric De Chocobo (18)

Location: Sector 4 / Plate Upper Level

This one can be easy to miss, especially if you're rushing through. During the main questline, you'll be asked to turn off 3 Sun Lamps in order to power up an elevator.

Once that's done, head back to the elevator, but don't go down it just yet. Instead, turn to your right and you'll encounter another elevator.

Use that and you'll be transported to another area with a ladder. Climb that ladder and in the first room you come across, you'll discover a Potions and Music vending machine.

Music Disc 7 - Bombing Mission (02)

Location: Mako Reactor 5 (Gate Office)

After you've been through one of the most annoying sequences in the world, aka a scene where Tifa, Cloud and Barrett have to push levers down at the same time, you'll unlock a door. Go through and you'll find the Potions and Music vending machine in a corner.

Music Disc 8 - Cait Sith's Theme (21)

Location: Sector 5 Undercity Station

Once you reach the Sector 5 train station, you'll come across a Potions and Music vending machine. It's there you'll be able to purchase the Cait Sith Theme before carrying on with the main quest.

Music Disc 9 - Tango of Tears (25)

Location: Leaf House Community Home

During the main quest, you'll come across an orphanage on the right. To the left is another building that's full of old people, alongside a jukebox. Head on over there and you'll claim the Tango of Tears music disc.

Music Disc 10 - Costa Del Sol (19)

Location: Sector 5 Slums Materia Shop

Head to the Sector 5 Slums and you'll come across a Materia shop. Head on over and you'll be able to pick up the hottest Sector 5 tune: Costa Del Sol.

Music Disc 11 - Gold Saucer (20)

Location: Sector 5 Children's Secret Hideout

We hope you've been saving up on Moogle medals, because you'll need 5 of them to purchase the Gold Saucer music disc from the Moogle shop.

Music Disc 12 - Cosmo Canyon (22)

Location: Collapsed Expressway / Large Cave-In

After the minigame where you lift Aerith with a mechanical arm, you'll come across a ladder leading down and a pathway going up.

Ignore the ladder for now and go up the path, where a Potion and Music vending machine lies in wait for you.

Music Disc 13 - Honeybee Inn (10)

Location: Wall Market Item Shop

Once you enter Wall Market, you'll come across an Item Shop near the centre. You'll be able to purchase the Honeybee Inn music disc from there.

Music Disc 14 - Honeybee Inn (17)

Location: Wall Market Sector 6 Slums

From the entrance of Wall Market, keep going straight until you spot Chadley. Once you find him, keep going straight up the first set of stairs you see, or follow the sound of music if that's easier.

Once up there, there will be a girl who looks like she mains McCree from Overwatch if that Stetson on her head is anything to go by.

Talk to her and she'll give you the Farm Boy music disc.

Music Disc 15 - Under the Rotting Pizza (08)

Location: Wall Market Sector 6 Slums

From the entrance of Wall Market, you'll spot a narrow passageway to the left of you. Go down it and to your right you should see a jukebox. Head on over to it to receive the Under the Rotting Pizza disc.

Music Disc 16 - The Midgar Blues (29)

Location: Wall Market Sector 6 Slums

As you continue throughout the main quest, you'll eventually get a sidequest that tells you to go to the gym.

Across the gym is a restaurant where you'll see a karaoke singer crooning this sweet, sweet song - the Midgar Blues. Speak to him and he'll give you his music to listen to. Don't let anyone say he won't do anything for a fan.

Music Disc 17 - Let The Battles Begin! -REMAKE- (26)

Location: Honeybee Inn

This music disc can be easy to miss if you're unsure of where to find it. Unlike all the other music discs in this game, you have to complete a minigame perfectly in order to obtain it.

That minigame is the dancing tutorial that you're given before you head on into the Honeybee Inn to see Andrea. In order to get this disc, you'll have to earn 10 Greats. If you don't, you're able to redo the tutorial plenty of times, so don't worry.

Music Disc 18 - Don of the Slums (11)

Location: Don Corneo's Mansion / Basement

This one is easy to find. When Cloud, Aerith and Tifa meet up together in Don Corneo's mansion after donning their dresses, they'll find themselves in a room with a Corneo vending machine with Don of the Slums blasting away in the background.

Music Disc 19 - The Oppressed (09)

Location: Sewer System / Aqueduct 1

Because of circumstances, you'll end up having to drain an aqueduct. Once you drain Aqueduct 1, head through the nearest door into a small room. There you'll find a vending machine where you can purchase 'The Oppressed'.

Music Disc 20 - Let The Battles Begin! (06)

Location: Maintenance Facility - 2F

It's impossible to miss this music disc as you'll pass a Potions and Music vending machine before entering into the control room.

Music Disc 21 - On Our Way (15)

Location: Sector 6 Evergreen Park

At the start of Chapter 13, you'll end up in Evergreen Park where there are a number of different vendors. Talk to the Item Shop vendor and you'll be able to purchase On Our Way.

Music Disc 22 - Main Theme of FFVII (14)

Location: Underground Test Site

This music disc is easy to find, as it comes right after you fight a bunch of bugs while trying to find Tifa. Just keep following the story path and you'll eventually end up in a room with a vending machine in front.

Music Disc 23 - Descendent of Shinobi (23)

Location: Sector 5 Undercity Station

Eventually you'll be given a ton of side quests that'll have you exploring the places you've already seen.

One of those places is Sector 5 Undercity Station, which you'll have to pass in order to get back to the Church where you met Aerith for the second time.

Before you head on up, you'll come across Johnny hanging around the station. There's an item shop next to him, talk to the vendor and you'll be able to purchase Descendent of the Shinobi.

Music Disc 24 - Turk's Theme (07)

Location: Sector 6 to 5 Road

As you head on down the Sector 6 to 5 road, you'll come across a turning where you can either keep going straight, or take a small detour to see a small body of water.

In front of that water is a woman, who, after speaking to her, will give you a music disc called 'Turk's Theme'.

Music Disc 25 - Good Night, Until Tomorrow (16)

Location: Wall Market / Hotel

It's daytime in Wall Market this time, which makes finding things a lot easier. For this music disc, you'll need to head straight to your left the moment you get to the entrance of Wall Market.

There you'll find a hotel, and inside an older gentleman that, after talking to him, will give you the music disc you need.

Music Disc 26 - Fight On! (12)

Location: Wall Market

You can purchase the music disc in the Colosseum Hall's souvenir shop. Get it, because it's a fighting hall? Good stuff.

Music Disc 27 - Stand Up (30)

Location: Wall Market / Near Honeybee Inn Entrance

Go to the entrance of the Honeybee Inn and then turn to the left. You'll see an alleyway that only Cloud can get through, and down that alley you'll spot a girl who, after talking to her, will give you this music disc.

Music Disc 28 - Wutai (24)

Location: Colosseum Hall Alleyway

Before you enter the Colosseum Hall, you'll see that there's an alleyway to the left of it that takes you through a circular tunnel. Follow it until you come across a man that's blasting his tunes.

Speak to him and he'll give you this music disc for free! Wut ai guy, right?

Music Disc 29 - The Chase (13)

Location: Sewer System / Aqueduct 4

Keep following the main questline and you'll eventually head back to the sewers underneath Don Corneo's mansion.

As you continue this questline, you'll eventually come across a tiny room with a vending machine inside, just waiting to give you The Chase music disc.

Music Disc 30 - Descendent of Shinobi (05)

Location: Collapsed Sector 7 Plate / 65M Above Ground Level

As you continue up the plate, you'll come across a vending machine with this music disc ready and waiting for you to purchase.

Music Disc 31 - Scarlet's Theme (31)

Location: Shinra Electric Power Company Base / 63F Upper Level Recreational Facility

Like the previous disc, this one is directly on the path of the main quest line and is hard to miss. You'll see a jukebox tucked into a corner on the upper level, interacting with it will give you Scarlet's Theme.

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