Final Fantasy VII Remake: Should You Choose Heads or Tails?

During the sidequests needed to be done to get Aerith’s dress in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, players will have to clear a coin toss game with Chocobo Sam. Players will need to make a choice to get a certain dress for Cloud’s disguise to Don Corneo’s mansion. Here’s how you can win to get the right dress in Chocobo Sam’s Coin Game.

Play The Game

During the Chocobo Sam sidequest for Aerith’s dress, he will challenge Cloud to a coin toss game and let him guess if its heads or tails. Players will be given three choices: Heads, Tails or No Deal.

Any choice will lead to Cloud losing the coin game but will lead to a better outcome on making Cloud’s disguise for the upcoming mission.

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Rigged Results

Chocobo Sam will cheat in the coin toss game and makes it literally unwinnable. If you pick Heads, he’ll show the coin lands on Tails. Picking Tails will show that the coin landed on Heads.

Due to the coin game’s cheating nature, the smart choice is not to play and pick No Deal. If this choice is picked, Aerith will choose Heads for Cloud and lose the coin game too. It’s vital to pick any option to progress this quest.

The Choice Matters

Even though the player is set up to lose the coin game on any option they pick, the minigame actually decides which dress will be used for Cloud’s disguise. Playing Chocobo Sam’s rigged coin game through picking either Heads or Tails will reward a blue and black dress for Cloud. Choosing not to play the coin game and letting Aerith answer will reward a light purple dress instead.

Once this is done, Cloud will wear the dress once the dance-off minigame with Andrea in the Honey Bee Inn is cleared with a high enough score.

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