Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How to beat the Scorpion boss in Square's stunning remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is finally here, after years of waiting!

If you've been playing, you may have noticed there's a bit of a difficulty spike when you've planted a bomb on the Mako Reactor and encounter the Scorpion Boss.

Here's how to see off the mechanical beast.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How to beat the Scorpion

There are multiple stages to the Scorpion fight, each requiring different tactics for both Cloud and Barret.

Thankfully, Stage 1 is simple.

While the Scorpion is moving around the arena, just keep moving. Make liberal use of the dodge, and keep slashing away at the Scorpion until you can use Cloud's Focused Thrust and Barret's Focused Shot.

Once it staggers, use Barret's ability to deal Thunder damage.

Stage 2 gets a little bit more complicated.

The Scorpion puts up a shield, but you can tear through it by wrecking the Field Generator on its back (behind the tail).

Once you've shot through it (Barret is better since you can avoid stagger by casting Steelskin), you can unload with Cloud's sword just as you did in the first stage.

When the Scorpion begins to lob rockets, hold R1 to block or keep firing with Barret.

Eventually, the Scorpion will bring down part of the ceiling, leading to the third and final stage.

Here, it essentially repeats stage 1 but with a dangerous tail shot. When the tail rears up, duck behind the debris – just as the second character will do.

Keep slashing/shooting away, and you'll find the legs eventually turn vulnerable. Stun the boss by using Barret's thunder spell on one leg, then use a limit break on the other leg.

Destroy the other leg with a thunder spell, and then deal damage to the core to beat it!

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