Final Fantasy VII Remake Romance Guide: Can You Romance Characters?

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As an RPG title, Cloud’s quest to take down Shinra in Final Fantasy 7 Remake allows him to meet allies who’ll join the fight. However, players will find themselves in the company of lookers and may want to romance them. Are players provided with the opportunity to get to know these characters and ask for something more?

Can We Romance Characters?

Many modern RPG titles provide ways to pursue other characters romantically but Final Fantasy 7 Remake follows its roots to a tee. The original Final Fantasy 7 did not allow players to directly pursue their party members or other NPCs in a romantic relationship. The remake also sports the same stance on romancing party members or anybody in the game: You can’t.


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Flirty Party Members

Even though your party members can’t be romanced, Cloud’s interactions with Tifa, Jessie, and Aerith can make the player skip a beat. Throughout the story, Jessie will often drop obvious hints of her attraction to Cloud.

Meanwhile, Tifa often treats Cloud warmly even though they haven’t seen each other in a long time. Lastly, Aerith’s playful and flirty personality often leaves Cloud flustered. On the other hand, Cloud also has no romantic tension with any guy in the remake if the player chooses to do so.


The game often offers options to flirt back to the characters too but is limited to what remains in Cloud’s serious character.

Romance Is Not The Point

It is undeniable that players may want to spend time with the characters they like but Cloud Strife’s character is a man on a mission. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is also designed to help see Cloud fulfill his quest in destroying the Shinra Electric Power Company. Similar to Cloud Strife himself, the title is not interested in pursuing romantic love even if the players wants to do so badly.

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