Strange Rebel Gaming Kept Aerith's FF7 Remake Voice Actor Briana White Sane During The Pandemic

The voice actor of FF7 Remake Aerith, Briana White, has opened up about how content creation for her YouTube account Strange Rebel Gaming has kept her sane during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The actor opened up in an interview with GameRant about her struggles throughout the pandemic, a crisis that's still ongoing in many countries around the world. For many people, including actors, the pandemic also led to careers and jobs coming to an unceremonious end.

Unfortunately for White and the others that had worked on Final Fantasy VII Remake, the pandemic meant that in-person conventions and pressers were cancelled for the year.

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But it wasn't all bad, as it led to a focus on her YouTube channel, Strange Rebel Gaming, where she concentrated on content creation.

It wasn't just content creation that took over White's life, however. The fan-reaction to Final Fantasy VII Remake was incredible, with many absolutely falling in love with White's voice and charm and how it was conveyed through the bubbly, yet tragic Aerith Gainsborough.

White even played the game herself and her reaction to hearing herself as Aerith received over 70 thousand likes on Twitter.

"In a very general sense, I could not be more grateful that Final Fantasy VII Remake came out when it did, because I am a content creator and a streamer as well." White told GameRant. "Being able to occupy my brain and my heart with something so rewarding and fulfilling as streaming a game that I play a voice in was just the perfect distraction."

Since her performance as Aerith, White has amassed a huge following on her Youtube channel. Currently, her follow count on Twitch is at the 63k mark, and her subscribers over on the Strange Rebel Gaming channel is nearly at 200k.

"I have to be honest. It was a little... 'a little.' It was very overwhelming, and I would turn the stream off, and I would have to just close my eyes and breathe, and just remind myself that it's okay that all these people feel so much love for the game, for the character, and for my work and want to support me." White stated to GameRant.

With Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 not yet having a confirmed release date, it's unknown whether White has already started recording voice lines or not. But if not, at least we know that content creation will always be a lifeline for the actor during troubled times.

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