Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: How To Fast Travel

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Similar to other open-world RPG titles, Final Fantasy 7 Remake has its own Fast Travel system too. The feature is not available from the get-go and players will need to unlock it after a sidequest.

Here’s how you can unlock this feature in the FF7 Remake.


Progress Far First

The fast travel spots in the game are called Chocobo Stops and will require 300 gil to use its services. Players will have to rely on these spots to clear the last few sidequests in the game. 

Before planning to unlock the fast travel feature, players will need to check if they’ve cleared a large chunk of Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s content. Square Enix designed the Fast Travel system to help players backtrack to clear out remaining sidequests before the last mission. 

If you’re still in the early 30 hours of the game, it’s best to keep progressing until you see a quest that tasks players to find missing chocobos.


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Complete The Chocobo Search Sidequest

The Chocobo Search sidequest is among the last batch of sidequests in Final Fantasy 7 Remake before last story mission available in the game. This sidequest will ask players to find three missing Chocobos in Sector 5, Collapsed Expressway and the Church.

The first Chocobo can be found in the Nuts n’ Bolts Hills area in Sector 5. Players will meet some enemies along the way but the encounter won’t be a difficult fight.


Meanwhile, the second Chocobo can be found somewhere deep in the Collapsed Expressway. Similar to the first Chocobo, the road will be filled with enemies too.

Lastly, the third Chocobo is just found in front of the Church. This last one is an easy snag as no enemies will be found along the way.

Make sure to interact with the Chocobo to send it back to its owner. The Chocobos will find their own way and will not be escorted back.

No Fee Fast Travel

Once the quest is completed, Chocobo Sam will also give you the Delivery Service Pass. This item will allow Cloud to use the Chocobo Stops for free forever. This could be useful if to save some Gil that could be used for better items elsewhere.

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