Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How To Find Kyrie In Tomboy Bandit Quest

One of the quests in Final Fantasy 7 Remake will task players to find a thief who took Johnny’s wallet. The wallet has a key that will be important in finishing a major sidequest for more loot. Here’s how you can find Kyrie to finish to Tomboy Bandit quest and proceed further.

Finding Kyrie

Once you’re tasked with finding Johnny’s wallet, go to Sector 5 and walk towards the Church. Taking this path will allow you to encounter Kyrie turning to a corner. She’ll be dressed uniquely from the crowd so she won’t be hard to miss.

Keep following her and enter the Church when she enters it. Kyrie will be found near a flower patch inside the church. Just talk to her to confront her about the stolen wallet.

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Kyrie’s Deal

In their talk, Cloud and his friends will be successful in convincing Kyrie to return her stolen loot. However, Kyrie refuses to give back the wallet and even the key needed for Don Corneo’s stash unless they do something for her.

Kyrie tasks the group to take an arena match for her in the Sector 6 Slums. The fight will be against one Beastmaster and his Hellhound pet. Clear this fight and you can now return to Kyrie to get Johnny’s wallet and the Corneo vault key

Return The Wallet to Johnny

Once you have the wallet, Cloud can now return it to Johnny in Sector 5 Undercity Station. His wallet can now afford Johnny to skip town to avoid arrest although he reconsiders to stay if Tifa wants her to. However, Tifa encourages him to leave and he does after saying goodbye to Cloud and the party.

Clearing this quest will grant the “The Johnny Experience” trophy to the player if they haven’t got it yet.

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