FIFA 22 Silver Stars Series: Flashback Marco Reus SBC Cheapest Solutions & Review

The FIFA 22 Silver Stars Series continued this evening, with the arrival of yet another Flashback version of a footballing star.

Borussia Dortmund's Marco Reus is the latest player to be thrown back to his roots, with a Flashback card that rivals that of fellow Silver Star Series headliners Kevin De Bruyne and Paul Pogba.

If you're looking to further your Silver Stars squad then Marco Reus will be the man to do so. Here is everything that you need to know about his SBC.

Silver Stars Series Reus Stats

Reus has been downgraded to a 74 OVR for his appearance in the Silver Stars Series promotion, the highest rating available for a silver card in FIFA 22.

He has some impressive base statistics though, with 88 Pace, 83 Dribbling and 82 Shooting/Passing leading the way on this Flashback card.

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The German midfielder has also been handed some meta in-game statistics, with the highest ratings as follows:

  • 92 Pace
  • 85 Agility
  • 84 Ball Control

Reus has retained the 4* skills and 4* weak foot that feature on his higher-rated FIFA 22 items.

Silver Stars Series Reus Requirements

EA are asking for one squad in return for this Silver Stars Series Marco Reus.

The requirements for the required squad are as follows:

  • German Players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 82
  • Team Chemistry: Min 75

Silver Stars Series Reus Expiry Date

This Flashback version of Marco Reus will be available for the next seven days.

It will leave the SBC menus at 6pm GMT on Monday, March 7th.

Silver Stars Series Reus Cheapest Solutions

This Silver Stars Series Marco Reus will set you back roughly 11,000 coins if completed from scratch.

The cheapest solution for those looking to complete this SBC is as follows:

  • GK - 81 VACLIK
  • LB - 82 REBIC
  • CB - 83 MANOLAS
  • RB - 83 VOLLAND
  • LM - 82 PERISIC
  • CDM - 81 RABIOT
  • CM - 80 RAMSEY
  • ST - 83 ZAPATA

Silver Stars Series Reus Review - Is It Worth It?

Marco Reus is the standout pick of the Silver Bundesliga cards, and, whilst his switch to RM may be frustrating for those wanting to play Reus in a central position, it actually works well for those who have completed the rest of the Silver Stars throughout the FIFA year.

The likes of Marco Richter and Luka Tankulic both provide links to the German down the right flank, whilst his significant pace upgrade will be crucial in helping those playing him in behind.

For around 10k, you can't go wrong with this card.

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