FIFA 22 Silver Stars Series LIVE: Released Today, Leaks, Rumours, SBCs, Objectives & More

It's rare that EA Sports come out with a brand new promotion in Ultimate Team, usually, they opt to offer a fresh take on an old promotion that has been successful in past FIFA releases.

But that is not the case this week, as EA look set to release a promotion that centres solely around special Silver cards. It may sound odd, but there are some rather interesting methods behind the madness.

The likes of Kevin De Bruyne and Paul Pogba are set to be the headline acts of the Silver Stars Series, which is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing FIFA releases in recent years.

Here is everything we know about the promotion ahead of its release.

Latest News

25th February -

The Silver Stars Series promotion is set to arrive in Ultimate Team this evening... or is it?

Highly reputable FIFA source FUT Sheriff has taken to Twitter to suggest that the initial release was scheduled for next Friday (March 4th) but the coding suggests that Silver Series players will arrive today.

We'll have to wait until 6pm GMT to be sure, but we are fairly confident that we will see the promotion begin today.

Silver Stars Series Release Date

The Silver Stars Series promotion is expected to get underway at 6pm GMT on Friday, February 25th.

It is not yet known whether EA will look to run the promotion for just a single week, or whether they will continue it into a second week. We will update this with more news regarding the length of the promotion as and when we get it.

Silver Stars Series Team 1 Leaks

There has been plenty of talk within the FIFA community with regards to who could be featured in the first release of the Silver Stars Series promotion.

Here are the strongest leaks that we've seen so far:

Kevin De Bruyne

Manchester City's Kevin De Bruyne is expected to arrive as part of the promotion, with a Flashback SBC card tipped to land on Friday evening.

It is one that is likely to focus heavily on his time with Gent between 2008-2012.

Paul Pogba

Manchester United's Paul Pogba has also been touted for an inclusion, with the French midfielder likely to be one of the best Silver cards that FIFA has ever seen.

He too would be a Flashback card, one which would put the spotlight on his early years with Manchester United.


Those who have played FIFA for some time will be familiar with the good old 'Brasilvers' days, the times when Silver Brazilian squads took the FIFA community by storm.

That could become the case once more, with a number of Brazilians expected to feature, including Borussia Dortmund's Reinier, Newcastle Untied's Joelinton and NYCFC's Talles Magno.

Silver Stars Series SBCs & Objectives

A host more players will arrive via the Squad Building Challenge and Objectives menus once the promotion officially arrives.

Check back here upon release for everything you need to know about all of the extra Silver Stars Series cards.

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