FIFA 22 Season 2: Level 15 Player Pick Review & Tips

Season 2 of the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team year is underway.

As always, there is a host of new content to delve into, including those fabled Level 30 player picks.

But for the first time this year, EA have reintroduced the Level 15 player picks, giving you the choice of three special cards when you reach the halfway point in your season progress.

Struggling to decide which player to pick? Fear not, as we've got you covered with a review of each card.

Season 2 Level 15 Player Pick

Once you reach 26,000 XP you will be given the opportunity to select one of three special cards.

All three are 83-rated with one goalkeeper, one centre back and one right winger up for grabs.

Here is who you will be choosing between.

Ogechika Heil (83 OVR)

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Kicking things off is Go Ahead Eagles winger, Ogechika Heil.

The German plies his trade in the Eredivisie, and has a card that features some decent ratings.

His 90-rated pace is the standout of his six base stats, although his 87-rated dribbling isn't far behind.

Speaking of dribbling, Heil has some impressive in-game stats that includes a 95 OVR in both agility and balance, two of the key stats in the current FIFA meta.

He is let down slightly by his weak foot and skill moves though, both of which are just a 3* rating, which isn't great for those who like a tricky winger to cut in from their flank.

He'd make a half-decent impact substitute for those who are working on a budget, but he's not going to get into many starting XI's at this stage of the game.

Gfinity Rating - 3.5/5

Josh Pask (83 OVR)

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Next up we have Coventry City centre-half, Josh Pask.

The Englishman plies his trade in the Championship, and is a rather meta centre back as far as the FIFA 22 gameplay is concerned.

Pask has 83-rated pace, 80-rated defending and 84-rated physicality, all of which bodes perfectly for the defensive aspects of his game.

He isn't bad on the ball either, with 72-rated dribbling and 70-rated passing. This is a good combination for those who like to play out from the back with their CBs.

2* skills and a 3* weak foot aren't concerns for Pask given his position, and with the strong links to a number of English ICONs, this is a card that could actually see a little bit of game time in FIFA 22.

Gfinity Rating - 4.5/5

Pedro Teixeira (83 OVR)

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The final option available to you is Portuguese goalkeeper, Pedro Teixeira.

Teixeira is plying his trade in his homeland with Maritimo and thus, offers a number of strong links with Portuguese defenders from the Liga NOS.

But little really needs to be said about this card, he's a well rounded goalkeeper with some higher-end in-game stats, but with goalkeepers as cheap as chips in FIFA 22, there is really no reason you should be selecting this card.

Gfinity Rating - 2/5

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