FIFA 22 Season 2: All Rewards & Required XP

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Season 2 of FIFA 22's Ultimate Team is underway.

It brings with it a host of new objectives to complete, whilst your quest to complete the various milestones continues.

There is also a brand new set of rewards up for grabs, which you can earn in exchange for completing the challenges set by EA throughout the longevity of Season 2.

Here is everything you need to know.

Season 2 Rewards & Required XP

As always, there are 30 levels to work through in order to pick up all of the Season 2 rewards that are on offer.

All the rewards in the following list are untradeable.

Level Reward Required XP
1One 75+ Rated Rare Player400 XP
2Coin Boost: 500 Coins for 5 Matches1,200 XP
3One Premium Gold Pack2,300 XP
4One Stadium Theme3,400 XP
5One 75+ Rated Rare Player4,700 XP
6One XL Tifo6,000 XP
7One Jumbo Gold 26 Pack7,300 XP
8One Tifo8,600 XP
9One Gold Players Pack10,600 XP
10One Deep Freeze Ball12,600 XP
11One Badge15,100 XP
12One Stadium Theme17,600 XP
13One Small Prime Gold Players Pack20,600 XP
14One Small Prime Gold Players Pack23,600 XP
15One Player Pick26,600 XP
16One XL Tifo29,600 XP
17One Rare Gold Pack32,600 XP
18One Rare Gold Pack35,600 XP
19One Tifo39,600 XP
20One Premium Gold Players Pack43,600 XP
21One Badge48,100 XP
22One Stadium Theme52,600 XP
23One Rare Electrum Players Pack57,100 XP
24One Mega Pack61,600 XP
25One XL Tifo66,100 XP
26One Tifo71,100 XP
27One Serie A Prime Players Pack76,100 XP
28One Deep Freeze Glacier VIP Area83,000 XP
29One Badge91,000 XP
30One Player Pick100,000

When Does Season 2 End?

You will have until Thursday, December 23rd to work your way through the rewards on offer in Season 2.

Season 3 will take its place on the same day.

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