FIFA 22 Numbers Up 99 Adidas Promo: Full Squad Released, Upgrades Explained, Event End Date & More

The promotions are coming thick and fast in FIFA 22's Ultimate Team.

The 'Numbers Up' promotion has been officially landed in FUT, a promotion that we have never seen in FIFA history.

It features a squad full of Adidas athletes and ambassadors, all of whom are working their way towards a 99 OVR in one of their key base stats.

Here is everything you need to know.

Latest News

12 November (6pm) -

NumbersUp is live in FIFA 22 right now!

The initial release features 11 players, all of which will be working their way towards a 99 OVR in one of three key areas of their game.

You can view the full squad below:

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To find out more about how the upgrades work, head here.

12 November -

The Numbers Up promotion will begin later today!

The Adidas-backed promotion will see a number of their athletes feature, with five names already leaked online.

Premier League stars Diogo Jota, Declan Rice and Dele Alli will all feature, as will Joao Felix of Atletico Madrid and Giovanni Reyna of Borussia Dortmund.

Be sure to check back at 6pm GMT in order to find out the full squad!

10 November -

It's official, the Numbers Up will begin this week!

EA confirmed the news via a loading screen that landed in Ultimate Team this evening.

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NumbersUp Release Date

The NumbersUp promotion went live in FIFA 22 at 6pm BST on Friday, November 12th.

It is not yet known how long the promo will run for, though we are expecting it to end on Friday, November 19th.

NumbersUp Upgrades Explained

Players will be working their way towards a 99 in one of three key areas of their game: passing, dribbling or pace.

The upgrade won't be determined by on the field performances, with each player eventually reaching a 99 regardless of wins or losses.

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The area in which they will be upgraded is determined by which Adidas boot they wear in game, promoting the new NUMBERSUP Adidas collection.

You can learn more about the upgrades here.

NumbersUp Full Squad

You can view the full NumbersUp squad below.

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