FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: FUT Champions Explained

The deep dive into FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has landed, and there is big news as far as FUT Champions is concerned.

The competition structure has been completely revamped with the addition of two new strands to the usual weekend format.

Here is everything that you need to know.

Qualification Process

Despite the updated competition structure, you will still have to earn your qualification for FUT Champions through the traditional Division Rivals route.

You will pick up qualification points by playing matches in Division Rivals, once you have accrued the required number of points, you will be able to trade them to gain access to the competition.

Champions Play-Offs

The first of two new events heading to FUT Champions this year is the Champions Play-Offs.

Each Champions Play-Offs campaign will begin at the start of the FUT Season, and will conclude prior to the beginning of the next. This is a six week period.

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Over the course of the six-week campaign, FUT players will be tasked with completing a limited number of games that can be played at any point during the week, winning games will help you to acrue points towards your Champions Ranks and Rewards. Rewards will be awarded at the end of your Champions campaign.

Those who pick up enough points will unlock a Finals Qualification Token, which will grant you access to the Champions Finals.

Champions Finals

The FUT Champions Finals will take place each weekend, in what was the traditional FUT Champions Weekend League slot in previous FIFA releases.

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You will be able to enter the Finals on a weekend of your choosing, similiarly to the redemption process on FIFA 21. You can also enter whenever you wish, the Friday deadline is no more!

It is understood that the Champions Finals will run from Friday to Sunday, with a maximum of 20 games to be played, 10 less than in FIFA 21.


FUT players will be able to earn two sets of rewards through FUT Champions, one for the Champions Play-Offs and one for the Champions Finals.


Rewards will be granted at the end of each of your Champions Play-Off runs, you will have a limited-number of attempts to qualify for the Champions Finals during each FUT season.


FUT Champions rewards have been traditionally awarded on a Thursday morning, that is not the case this year.

Once you complete all your matches in the Finals, you will be able to claim your rewards instantly. If not, you will be granted them at the end of the competition.

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