FIFA 21 TOTW 8: Trading And Investments Guide - Predictions Ahead Of The International Break

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FIFA 21's market place can be a wonderfully rewarding place if treated right.

With the potential to unlock coins beyond your wildest dream - if you invest in the right players at the right time.


Here are some players to consider picking up before TOTW 8!

All advice is given based on theory and predictions, they are not guarantees and you should act accordingly with your own coins.

83 OTW Gareth Bale

Wales have some solid Nations League matches coming up, including the Republic of Ireland and Finland.

The Welshman's pricetag is currently sitting at 200,000-240,000 coins depending on your platform.

If you look at his price history, it is on a downward trend due to his lack of in-forms; partly down to a lack of playtime.

You may notice his price rises before a matchday begins, just in case he has a big performance.


The only time its shown a significant spike is when he scored the winner against Brighton, which didn't result in an in-form, but it saw a lot of activity on the market in the event it did.

There's no doubt Bale will get an in-form at some point, but the question is when?

If he can get a good performance in against Ireland, he'll likely get an in-form.

International TOTWs are notoriously average and EA have clearly seen that some of their weekly teams need some serious love; hence why Messi was added to the lineup.

Not to mention that their best of TOTW that features in the Black Friday promo could do with some serious attention!

87 Heung-Min Son

One for more immediate use is the POTM award that will be announced on the 13th November.


Son is more than likely to win the award, in my opinion, due to the incredible month he had in October and the fact he's an incredible FUT card.

My advice is that if you have a Son card to get rid before the announcement as he'll drop in price quickly for about a day.

This is because many players will be looking to upgrade to the POTM card.

Sitting at about 100,000 to 150,000, his price is losing about 20.000-30,000 coins every week.

It's likely this price will plateau soon and the price will then elevate again as he looks to get his first in-form.

You can potentially snipe a few Son cards for cheap tomorrow as everyone looks to offload him, then watch his price bounce back as players aim to try him out due to his new affordability and before committing to the POTM version.

85 OTW Martin Odegaard

Norway is facing off against Romania this weekend and Odegaard's last in-form came during the international break.


It wouldn't be out of the question to see him replicate his feat again.

Sitting between 25,000-35,000 coins, this card will receive a tasty upgrade that could make him a go-to pick for La Liga sides, especially as he possesses some solid defensive stats too.

The price has remained steady for a while now with slight rises as people try to make a quick cash grab and you could be one of those people to jump onboard and do the same.

Florenzi OTW - Italy also have some good fixtures, he bagged an IF last time so could do it again

84 OTW Alessandro Florenzi

Italy are taking on Poland again this weekend, a fixture that they drew 0-0 last time out.

The full-back didn't feature in their thumping of Moldova, which has encouraged a lot of people to sell this card.


He played in their game against Poland last time out, helping to keep a clean sheet.

His price is about 20,000-25,000 coins and is an extremely good card - especially as a substitute.

One more upgrade could make him a card that warrants a spot in any starting lineup.

It's not a guarantee he will play as Italy seem to switch up their RB almost every game, but it's a low-risk pickup and probably won't require anything over the top to get an in-form, or at least get people to think he may get an in-form.

82 Harry Maguire

A more obtainable investment may be on England's Centre-Back.

In England's international friendly, he helped himself to a goal and a clean sheet; which is usually a guaranteed in-form.


England has one more against Belgium. If he starts and has a good game we should see an in-form come in.

His regular and UCL cards fetch for roughly 1,000-1,300 coins.

Once an in-form Harry Maguire is added to packs, he won't have any UCL or regular cards available.

This shortage of players causes a supply and demand issue, as there won't be any more coming on to the market.

Investing in him before he's removed from packs can see a small, but significant increase in price. Buy enough of them and you could rake in a tidy profit.

Not to mention that centre back prices are elevated due to SBCs.