FIFA 21 TOTS: Card Design, Release Date, Predictions, Latest News, SBCs, Objectives Content And Everything You Need To Know About Team Of The Season

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FIFA 21 TOTS is coming in the next few weeks, as we get set for the biggest event of the year.

As the season begins to enter the final phases, we can start looking forward to what will be this years’ flagship FUT promo, Team of the Season!

With some of the highest-rated FUT items set to be announced and released these items will celebrate and reward some of the seasons’ best performers.

Team of the Season will be an awesome event, taking place over the course of 8 or so weeks, meaning it’s one of the biggest, pack filled promotions this year will see.

Here’s all the latest news and potential release dates for Team of the Season, information for our future predictions, card designs and all the content that you can expect to see arriving in this years’ Team of the Season event!

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Team of the Season Release Date

While Team of the Season’s release date is far from confirmed, we can predict a rough release date around April 23rd, lasting for several weeks, potentially concluding around June 11th, in time for the UEFA Euro 2020 (now 2021) tournament!

Last year we saw FIFA 20’s ‘Team of the Season So Far’ event commence on April 24th, which was slightly earlier than expected due to COVID, so who knows, we may potentially see TOTS starting a little later than expected this year.

Team of the Season Card Design

We’re a good chunk of time away from seeing the official Team of the Season card design, we’ve certainly seen some incredible concepts made up by the community.

Here’s what this years’ TOTS card could look like in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team!

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Team of the Season Squads

The main selling point of the Team of the Season event are easily the multitude of Team of the Season squads that are released over the course of the event!

We’ll be releasing a tonne of predictions for these teams over the coming weeks in the run-up to TOTS, so be sure to stay tuned!

Last year in FIFA 20 we saw the following teams released:

  • Premier League
  • La Liga Santander
  • Ligue 1 
  • Bundesliga 
  • Serie A
  • Super Lig
  • Liga NOS
  • Eredivisie
  • Chinese Super League
  • MLS
  • Ultimate
  • Rest of the World

Other Expected Team of the Season Content

Alongside the squads of packable players, What If will feature plenty of other types of content to enjoy, including:

  • Team of the Season & TOTS Moments SBCs
  • New Icon SBCs
  • Upgrade & Pack SBCs
  • TOTS Weekend League Rewards
  • Player Objectives
  • Promo Packs
Team of the Season & Team of the Season Moments SBCs

Over the course of the event, there will be plenty of extra TOTS cards and cards celebrating special TOTS worthy moments released into SBCs.

New Icon SBCs

Icon SBCs are in very short supply at the moment, with the final few available SBCs set to expire during this upcoming event. Expect some more Icon SBCs to be released so that we have some available.

Upgrade & Pack SBCs

Definitely expect upgrades to return for Team of the Season, with things like the 2x81+, 82-88, 83+ and 80+ Player Picks returning. Also, look out for special new League packs such as the Premium League Upgrade and special new packs for the event!

Team of the Season Weekend League Rewards

For TOTS, Weekend League Rewards will get a revamp, with TOTS items included as red player picks, and TOTS items included into Elite or Top 200 rewards packs.

Player Objectives

As is the case with all promotions, look out for objectives themed around TOTS, for both players, packs and other items.

Promo Packs

Promo Packs will also be a staple of the event, with lightning rounds at peak times around the release of the TOTS squads, and daily store refreshes of high-value packs.

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