FIFA 21 Season 6: Level 30 Player Pick Review

Season 6 has arrived in Ultimate Team, and so has a host more player picks!

Level 15 has some decent options, but it's Level 30 where the real magic happens.

Two 91's and a 90 await should you make it the full way through the Seaosn 6 Objectives, and here is everything you need to know.

Dates & Required XP

The Season 6 rewards will be available until Saturday, June 19th.

You will have to earn a total of 100,000 XP in order to take your pick at the three Level 30 rewards.

Who's Available?

Let's find out who is on offer should you make it all the way to the end of the Season 6 road.

Divok Origi (91 OVR)

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The first option is one that will go down a treat with Liverpool fans, Champions League winner Divok Origi.

The Belgian has a 91-rated card on offer, one which possess' some top tier stats such as 91-rated pace, 90-rated shooting and 90-rated dribbling.

With 4*/4* and M/H work rates, this could be a very decent super sub, with his league and nation combination a huge help.

Gfinity Rating - 4/5

Ander Herrera (91 OVR)

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The second option to consider is Paris Saint Germain's Ander Herrera.

Like Origi, Herrera comes in at a 91 OVR, with an incredibly well rounded card that could do a job in any of the three primary central midfield positions.

2503 total in-game stats make the Spaniard one of the very best midfielders in FUT, and with strong links aplenty, we're sure this will be a very popular choice.

Gfinity Rating - 4.5/5

Renan Lodi (90 OVR)

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The final option for those who reach the final tier is Atletico Madrid's Renan Lodi.

Lodi may be one rating lower than Herrera and Origi, but he's no less valuable, with the Brazilian probably the best pick of the bunch.

Lodi offers an alternative to the very expensive Flashback Marcelo SBC, with a card that's very similar and more importantly, free!

Gfinity Rating - 5/5

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