FIFA 21 Season 6: Level 15 Player Pick Review

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Season 6 of FIFA 21's Ultimate Team has arrived.

And, as always, there is a host of rewards to work towards, with those elusive player picks returning once again.

At the halfway stage of your Season 6 progress you'll be granted a choice of three 87-rated players, but which of the three should you be looking to select?

Here is everything you need to know.


Dates & Required XP

The Season 6 rewards will be available until Saturday, June 19th.

You will have to earn a total of 27,600 XP in order to take your pick at the three Level 15 rewards.

Who's Available

So who is on offer when you reach the halfway point of your season progress?

Tyler Adams (87 OVR)

The first player on offer is RB Leipzig's American midfielder, Tyler Adams.


The CDM has a well rounded card, with 80+ ratings in five of the six base stats, with his 55-rated shooting the only stat falling below that mark.

He's not bad as far as defensive midfield options go, though his H/H work rates aren't great if you're looking for an out and out CDM, whilst 3*/3* is far below the par at this late stage of FIFA.

Gfinity Rating - 3/5

Marcus Edwards (87 OVR)

The second option is yet another English Liga NOS player in the form of Guimaraes' Marcus Edwards.


The right winger has a strong link to Season 5's Angel Gomes, which is ideal for those who selected Edwards' fellow countryman. 88-rated shooting/dribbling and 85-rated shooting are the standout stats for the 22-year-old.

If you selected Gomes in S5, then this is the choice for you. If not, it's a bit underwhelming choice once again.

Gfinity Rating - 3.5/5

Christopher Jullien (87 OVR)

The third and final choice is... a French centreback!


Celtic's Christopher Jullien is the latest player to join the French centreback special card club, with a solid looking 87-rated card.

91-rated physicality and 87-rated defending lead the way for the 28-year-old, who also possess' 79-rated pace.

Bang a Shadow chemistry style on him and you've got a pacey centre back with links to the likes of Goldson and Tavernier. Probably the best choice of the lot in our opinion.

Gfinity Rating - 4/5