When is FIFA 21 TOTS coming out?

FIFA Ultimate Team has been busy with FUT Birthday celebrations in recent weeks, but it's time to start looking ahead to the big one.

The Team of the Season is due to start soon, but when exactly can we expect the first bunch of blue cards to land in FUT 21?

Community Voting to start in April

The TOTS rumour mill has begun, and it's already bringing some key information to the FUT community.

The usually dependable fut.investments put out a post on Monday, 5th April to suggest that the FUT Community voting could begin as soon as Friday, April 30th.

This would leave three more Friday's before that date for EA to deliver some more content, so expect to see one more big promotion drop before then.

We imagine it'll be a week off this week (Friday 9th) before a two-week promotion begins ahead of the TOTS drop.

Release Date

So what does this news mean as far as a release date is concerned?

Well, we imagine that the first TOTS squad should arrive on Friday, May 6th.

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This is slightly later than last years release, though it must be noted that a large part of that was due to the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the conclusion of many competitions across the world.

It's back to normality for FIFA 21, in what promises to be one of the best TOTS releases yet!

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