FIFA 21: FUT Birthday Group 1 Daily Challenge Day 4 SBC Cheapest Solution For Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X, PS5 And PC

A new Daily Challenge SBC has been added to FIFA 21's Ultimate Team.

With FUT Birthday now live, players can now complete a series of SBCs which will unlock not only a reward for completion but a series of rewards from an objective!

Players will get an untradable Two Players Pack from the SBC and a 75+ Rated Rare Player pack.

Completing the entire set will reward you with a tradable Mega Pack

Here's the cheapest solution.

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Day 4

The fourth of the daily SBC's has arrived in Ultimate Team


This SBC went live on the 29th March 2021.

This SBC expires on the 31st March 2021.


This SBC should cost you between 3-5,000 coins depending on your platform.

Cheapest Solution

  • LB - 61 ENGLUND
  • CB - 58 NDIONE
  • CB - 64 SYHRE
  • RB - 64 MAROH
  • CDM - 65 GOJANI
  • CAM - 51 ANSPACH

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