FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Promo Guide: Schedule, All Promotional Events, Release Dates And Content For FUT 21

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With FIFA 21 getting ever closer, we’re continuing on with our FIFA 21 Countdown pieces, looking at a full list of potential promotions we could see in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, with some release dates and potential additions that could be coming in the next rendition of Ultimate Team.

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Throughout FIFA 20, we had the following promotions, most of which we can expect to arrive once again in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team:

October - The Start of FUT 21

The first few weeks of Ultimate Team are some of the most fun times in the calendar year, with everyone working to build up their starter teams, grinding games and trading to afford better players.

To accompany the early grind, expect a couple of staple promotions to return.

Summer Ones To Watch

Expected FIFA 21 Release Date: Friday 9th October

Summer Ones To Watch celebrates the biggest transfers made in the summer transfer window, bringing dynamic items to FUT that upgrade throughout the season if and when newly transferred players perform at their new club.

To keep up to date with all the potential transfers and news regarding FIFA 21 Ones To Watch, be sure to follow our article here.

Ultimate Scream

Expected FIFA 21 Release Date: Friday 23rd October

Arriving typically in the last couple of weeks of October, the spooky ‘Ultimate Scream’ promotion is FUT’s take on a Halloween promotion, with a number of spooky releases throughout the celebration.

With spooky, shapeshifting, or highly boosted cards that make for some super desirable cards, Ultimate Scream is the first real sight of some new, top tier meta cards in FUT, and is certainly a promotion to look forward to.


November & December - The Grind Continues

Road To The Final

Expected FIFA 21 Release Date: Friday 6th November

Road To The Final is the first Champions League themed promotion of the year, whereby new, dynamic Champions League cards are released, allowing players to upgrade throughout the year depending on how far their team goes in European club competitions. 

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Expected FIFA 21 Release Date: Friday 27th November

On the last Friday of November, EA releases the Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotion, whereby new pack lightning rounds and flash SBCs are on offer every hour.

This is the first point of the year where big packs such as the 100k Jumbo Rare Players Packs are on offer, as well as being the first time we see a “Best Of TOTW” set in packs. 

UEFA Champions League Team of the Group Stage

Expected FIFA 21 Release Date: Friday 4th December

Obviously, this is highly dependent on the Champions League schedule this year, which is liable to change given the global outbreak of COVID-19 this year.

Nevertheless, a Champions League Team of the Group Stage (TOTGS) promo will bring together some of the best performers from the competition so far, giving them decent boosts on the whole.


Expected FIFA 21 Release Date: Friday 11th December

Typically releasing 2 weeks before Christmas, FUTMAS is one of the most popular FUT Promotions, with multiple daily SBCs for popular players based on national rankings and final league positions from the season prior. 

Also included throughout the promo are plenty of themed SBCs, objectives and promo packs, bringing the festive spirit into FIFA Ultimate Team.


January & February - Moving Up the Power Curve

Team of the Year

Expected FIFA 21 Release Date: Friday 8th January 2021

Arguably the 2nd biggest promotion of the year behind Team of the Season, Team of the Year releases the 11 best players from the year prior, as voted for by the FUT Community, with massive upgrades, making them some of the best cards throughout the year in FUT.

Future Stars

Expected FIFA 21 Release Date: Friday 15th January 2021

Celebrating some of the young talents in world football that aren’t yet fully established, Future Stars builds on TOTY, bringing some new, heavily boosted items, showing what these youngsters could look like in a few years time, should they realise their potential. 


Expected FIFA 21 Release Date: Friday 29th January 2021

Headliners are the 2nd batch of “Ones To Watch” style cards that are released throughout the year, focusing on players that have been on an exceptional run of form through the season so far.

Always staying 1 upgrade ahead of the players’ next highest performance-based in-form, Headliners upgrade throughout the remainder of the season, should the player receive a performance based-in form. 

Headliners this year also received an extra additional upgrade should their team win 4 consecutive domestic league games, adding even more meaning to real-life football.

Winter Refresh

Expected FIFA 21 Release Date: Friday 12th February 2021

Winter Refresh brings through a few changes to various players, with several of the highest performers receiving upgrades if they’ve truly exceeded their ratings.

Winter Ones To Watch, or the new Winter Refresh cards also highlight some of the big transfers from the January transfer window, with new, boosted items, or OTW style dynamic cards.


Expected FIFA 21 Release Date: Friday 19th February 2021

Shapeshifters was a new promotion for FIFA 20 but should return in FIFA 21, bringing new types of cards with unique position changes, strong foot changes and boosts to create game-changing upgrades for your Ultimate Team.


March, April & May - Bringing the Blues

FUT Player Days

Expected FIFA 21 Release Date: Friday 5th March 2021

Introduced in FIFA 19, FUT Player Days is a sort of ‘get out of jail free’ type of promotion.

With Carniball cancelled this year largely due to the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak, FUT Player Days saw the re-release of ‘Best of TOTW’ as well as CONMEBOL Libertadores cards. Next year, with Euro 2020 having been delayed, this may see a EURO 2020 theme.

FUT Birthday

Expected FIFA 21 Release Date: Friday 19th March 2021

A staple FUT Promotion for the best part of 7 years, FUT Birthday will definitely be returning in FIFA 21, bringing plenty of top tier cards into the FUT mix.

With 20 being centred around Skill Move and Weak Foot upgrades, an overwhelmingly popular concept, it’s likely that this will return in a similar fashion next year.

Team of the Season

Expected FIFA 21 Release Date: Friday 23rd April 2021

The best FIFA promotion of the year, by far, is Team of the Season. While the release date is largely dependent on when the 2020-21 Season gets underway, we can probably expect Team of the Season to arrive around the same time as this year, towards the back end of April.

Bringing hundreds of end game blue cards from across all the globe, upgrade SBCs, unreal player SBCs, TOTS FUT Champs rewards, Team of the Season is one of the best times in FUT.

June, July, August & September - EURO 2021 Fever

Euro 2021 

Expected FIFA 21 Release Date: Friday 11th June 2021

With Euro 2020 being delayed until next year, Euro 2021 is guaranteed to make a strong appearance in FUT 21, with a lengthy promotion surrounding the tournament.

Expect daily content to include Player SBCs, Showdown SBCs, as well as tonnes of new upgraded cards throughout the tournament!

FUTTIES / Summer Heat / Festival of FUT

Expected FIFA 21 Release Date: Friday 16th July 2021

The final big promotion of FIFA 21 should be the FUTTIES style Summer Heat or Festival of FUT Promotion.

Being the last hoorah of the FUT calendar year, this period is filled with tonnes of high rated SBCs, Objectives and rewards, with hundreds of past special items released into packs.

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